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Blythe the Knife!!!

by Marshall Swing, Silver Doctors:

To all my friends at SilverDoctors, who are avid stackers/truth seekers from all around the world, I am releasing to you, first, my recording of “Blythe The Knife” with new lyrics revealing to the world the manipulation of the precious metals markets and other financial weapons of mass destruction by the scumbag bankers and politicians who control this world’s economics for their personal greed and control of the masses of the people in every nation on the earth.

As you may know, Blythe Masters is BACK, greater than ever making inroads to totally control crypto currency and things like BITCOIN.

Here is a link to the preview CLIP and I know you will immensely enjoy this tune and the dark secrets it reveals in a humorous way. The full lyrics are below and it is also being made into an expose video, to be released in a few days as soon as I return from Seattle where I have been recording many new tunes with the finest musicians the world has to offer!

Preview here:

This is only the start. Other financial parody tunes have been recorded and due for momentary release with the help of AGXIIK and some other well known posters and commenter’s here at SilverDoctors.

The idea is there are many stackers in the world who have had great ideas on financial parody tunes and we all know the power of song to totally embarrass corrupt leaders so I want to set up some forum threads so people can share their ideas on lyrics to the most well known songs in history and I will record them and release them. The intent is also to get many other precious metals readers/forums/websites in the PM sector to get their people to contribute as well as we stick the knife in the belly of the bankers and politicians with nonviolent ridicule so they will avoid public life in shame.

One major press release of this nature to all financial/political media and alternative media can cost almost $5,000 so please purchase the MP3 and together we will bring ridicule on the bankers the world over…

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