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[Ed. Note: Druckenmiller is “betting on gold” through the GLD ETF, the custodian of which is the world’s most criminal bank HSBC?! Druckenmiller is no Kyle Bass.]

from Silveready1:

Very interesting article posted on Business insider concerning Billionaires investing in Gold and Airlines.

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  • Stefan

    I have got to tell you. I have had enough of this crap!! Let’s review, This Shit Tard Silver Ready is reading from Business Insider. Thank you very much, We are all capable of reading on our own. Second, this Shit Tard Silver Ready is reading from Business Insider. Please explain, for my own edification, What made Business Insider the bastion of truthful legitimacy? And finally, This Shit Tard Silver Ready is reading from Business Insider, and marveling at what big money is doing! It freaking pains me that anyone is foolish enough to follow big money. IT IS A RECIPE FOR FINANCIAL RUIN!! Ugghhhh. Don’t follow anyone. Do your homework and if metals make sense to you, then search out a reputable dealer, pay the premium, and rest peacefully at night. Rob Kirby years ago, uncovered the truth about GLD and SLV not actually legally having to have the gold or silver they say they have. In the case of GLD, there is a line about gold related investments. If this shmuck billionaire wants to invest in paper, three cheers for him. Don’t you be foolish and follow that stink. Do your homework and own the real thing, if that is your desire.

  • Iguana green

    Why an ETF? Why didn’t gold go up more?

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