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Amerika 2015: 1984 Meets The Body Snatchers

from The Sleuth Journal:

Two novels made into films are a must read: George Orwell’s 1984 and Jack Finney’s Body Snatchers . Both of these stories, in ironically similar and differing ways, hypothesized how life would be under totalitarian regimes. Another irony is that, when written, these novels were focusing on communism in the Soviet Union. Well, things have certainly changed haven’t they? 1984 is a mirror into how far our empire has fallen from a so called democratic republic into the militaristic and propagandized corporate police state similar in many ways to Orwell’s Oceania. Meanwhile, as our empire tramps around in countless countries with our jackboot military presence and collateral damage, our citizenry here becomes more and more mesmerized by commercialism and the narcotic of tasteless and meaningless media.

Finney’s Body Snatchers pods have landed and consumed our populace with dreams of having more and more things! As to the real world around us, our fellow Amerikans drink the Kool-Aid of complacency, caring not for phony wars, obscene military spending, corporate strangling of working stiffs AKA ‘The Middle Class’ (another Orwellian purposeful misuse of language) and a Two Party ‘One Party’ diversionary political tactic. Now, all this ‘success in empire’ could never be achieved without one necessary orchestration: the dumbing down of the populace.

Sometime during the 1970s the powers that be made sure that our public education system was retarded by various means. The end result is what we have now: a majority of Amerikans really do not understand history or the actual rights they have. Morris Berman, in his powerful 2004 book Dark Ages America revealed to us just how far we have fallen as a nation. He wrote how, in a ‘State of the First Amendment Survey’ conducted by the University of Connecticut in 2003, 34% of Americans polled said the First Amendment ‘goes too far’; 46% said there was too much freedom of the press; 28% felt that newspapers should not be able to publish articles without the prior approval of the government; 31% wanted public protest of a war to be outlawed during the war. Finally, in other polls three years after 9/11 and after all the news had finally come out about Saddam Hussein having nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks, 42% of Amerikans thought that he had a major part in them and, more frightening, 32% believed that he had personally planned them!

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