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60% Of Americans Against More Gun Control

by Steve Watson, Infowars:

A survey conducted in the wake of last weeks Virginia shooting of two reporters on live TV finds that a majority of Americans do not believe stricter gun laws would have prevented the incident.

Rasmussen finds that only 29 percent of likely voters feel that further gun control laws would have done something to prevent the shooting.

While, 60 percent, of Americans, more than twice as many, said they believe more gun control would not have done anything to stop the attack.

The poll also found that 68 percent agree with Donald Trump’s statement that “It’s not a gun problem. It’s a mental problem.”

Only 24 percent disagreed with Trump’s statement.

The survey also found that a majority are more inclined to believe that exposure on social media encourages perpetrators to commit violent crime. A total of 54 percent said they agreed that sites such as Facebook and Twitter can be a catalyst.

The shooter, Vester Lee Flanagan, posted sick video footage of the shooting to Facebook and Twitter after he had committed the atrocity.

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