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Gerald Celente Just Warned That The Coming Trade Wars Will Lead To World War

from KingWorldNews:

On the heels of continued chaos in key global markets, the top trends forecaster in the world just warned King World News that the coming trade wars may turn into world war.

History is repeating itself. While the times are different and the names have changed, the underlying circumstances and basic fundamentals remains the same. The Crash of ’29, The Great Depression, plunging commodity prices, currency wars, trade wars, world war. Now, four score and six years later: The Panic of ’08, The Great Recession plunging commodity prices, currency wars….

Are Trade Wars And World War Next?

Commodity prices’ continuing downward dive is indisputable evidence of a deteriorating global economy. For many, the Great Recession is depression. The equation is simple: there’s a glut of product and not enough people with enough money to buy them.

And today — just as it was prior to World War II when countries were denounced for devaluing their currencies to gain competitive export advantage — world reaction to China’s recent yuan devaluation continues to intensify. Trends are born, they grow, mature reach old age and die. As evidenced by Ben Bernanke’s appearance before the US Congress in 2011, the war of words against China is a trend in progress.

Bernanke criticizes China over currency:

The chairman of the US Federal Reserve has accused China of damaging prospects for a global economic recovery through its deliberate intervention in the currency market to hold down the value of the renminbi.

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1 comment to Gerald Celente Just Warned That The Coming Trade Wars Will Lead To World War

  • Ed_B

    “The Panic of ’08, The Great Recession…”

    Oh, please. At least in the alt media we should be able to call the depression that began in 2008 what it is… A DEPRESSION! It was NOT a recession, great or otherwise. Recessions last a year or so. Depressions last a decade or so. When a recession ends, many jobs are created. If 2008 was a recession, then where TF are all the jobs?! We’ve been in this depression for the past 7 years and it is not getting better, despite all the lip-flapping about “green shoots” this and “recovery” that. US GDP continues to shrink, more people are on government assistance, fewer people are working, tax receipts are falling, and inflation is much higher than the piddling 1.7% the Fed tells us.

    In my 50+ years as an adult, I have never seen a “recession” that even comes close to what’s happened in the US since 2008 and that includes two powerful bear markets in the same decade (2001 and 2008). But what I have seen since 2008 sounds a LOT like the stories my grand parents and Mom used to tell me about the Great Depression of the 1930s. They’re gone now but their experience with the terrible times of the 1930s remains in my memory and similar stories in the memories of millions of other Americans whose parents and grand parents lived through that awful time. Maybe we can’t fix the problems that we have now, but by God we CAN call them by their true names.

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