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Gerald Celente Is Predicting That A Stock Market Crash Will Happen By The End Of 2015

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

Gerald Celente of the Trends Research Institute has just gone on the record with a prediction that there will be a stock market crash by the end of this calendar year.  If you are not familiar with Gerald Celente, he is one of the most highly respected trends forecasters in the entire world.  He has been featured on CNN, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS Morning News, NBC Nightly News and Coast to Coast AM.  Personally, I have a lot of respect for him.  While it is true that not every single one of his forecasts about the future came to pass over the years, he does have a very solid track record that goes back for decades.  He correctly predicted the 1987 stock market crash, the bursting of the dotcom bubble and the financial panic of 2008.  Just a couple of days ago, he told Eric King the following: “I’m now predicting that we are going to see a global stock market crash before the end of the year.”  Celente says that it won’t just be U.S. stocks either.  He believes that crashes are also coming to “the DAX, the FTSE, the CAC, Shanghai, and the Nikkei”.  It other words, it is going to be a truly global financial crisis and he says that there is “going to be panic on the streets from Wall Street to Shanghai and from the UK down to Brazil”.

When you go out on a limb like this, you are putting your credibility on the line.  This is something that Celente has only done a few times in the past, and normally he has been spot on

Rarely do I ever put a date on market crashes. I did it in 1987 when I forecast the 1987 stock market crash — that was in the Wall Street Journal. I also forecast the ‘Panic of 2008,’ and the ‘dot-com bust’ in October of 1999, when I said it (the dot-com mania) would fail in the second quarter of 2000…

Of course Celente is far from alone.  Many others have also been warning that a new financial crisis is imminent.

For instance, just check out what David Stockman recently told CNBC

David Stockman has long warned that the stock market is on the verge of a massive collapse, and the recent price action has him even more convinced than ever that the bottom is about to fall out.

I think it’s pretty obvious that the top is in,” the Reagan administration’s OMB director said Thursday on CNBC’s “Futures Now.” The S&P 500 has traded in a historically narrow range for the better part of 2015, having moved just 1 percent higher year to date. “It’s just waiting for the knee-jerk bulls, robo traders and dip buyers to finally capitulate.”

Stockman, whose past claims have yet to come to fruition, still believes that the excessive monetary policy from central banks around the world has created a “debt supernova,” and all the signs point to “the end of the central bank enabled bubble,” which could cause a worldwide recession.

Just a few days ago, I authored an article entitled “8 Financial Experts That Are Warning That A Great Financial Crisis Is Imminent” which showed that a whole bunch of other financial experts are sounding the alarm about an implosion of the financial markets.

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13 comments to Gerald Celente Is Predicting That A Stock Market Crash Will Happen By The End Of 2015

  • Willie

    Making predictions in a totally corrupt environment is risky… you never know what the evil morons in charge will do.

  • Dante

    Seems like the overwhelming majority of analysts are predicting major events in the last quarter of 2015. They’re really going out on a limb and with very definitive details. I’m taken aback by Celente, considering how he usually avoids timing predictions of this nature.

    In one respect, I hope they’re right, FOR THEIR OWN SAKE, that is. Or should I say the sake of their reputations, which will be again tarnished (along with the reputations of all of those who publicly parrot these predictions) should things drag on longer due to the manipulative magic of TPTB.

    Better to err on the side of caution and speak in generalities rather than specifics. There’s no being wrong when following that course.

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    Even though I feel I am well prepared, does NOT mean that I am totally fearless. Yes, I am afraid but also confident in my own preps. Time to go shopping for MORE canned goods for my pantry.

    I was Googling for updated prices on Water Tanks (I like the idea of having 2 or 3 of the 600 gallon tanks. Easier to ship and put into the garage, etc. Round. (67″W X 44″H) Just a few hundred bucks each. (4,800 pounds of water). Small enough to fit on a UPS or FED-EX truck.

    I have a lot of respect for Celente, even though he did NOT see the “Trends” of investing in paper gold back when MF Global (Jon Corzine) “lost” the money. Gerald was not fully practicing his own preaching. He’ll not make THAT mistake again.

    I have also enjoyed learning from PETER SCHIFF, Reggie Middleton, Max Keiser (& Stacy Herbert), Bill Holter, David Morgan, Mike Maloney, Rickards, Rogers, Faber, Steve Keens, Turk, Sprott, etc etc.

    MY personal WAKE up, was the both the market crash (the one AFTER the DOT COM bubble), and the one that will SAVE me,, the crash of ’08. I got MAD and starting searching and learning from those who SAW IT COMING. (youtube: Peter Schiff was right).. that’s the one that REALLY helped get me going in the right directions.

    I’ve escaped from Detroit (moved to NW Fl with a few acres in the middle of a farming area, got me a big water tank, garden space, etc.
    Still got good health @61 years. Glad I got to this point before I got TOO old to change and prep.

    PS, I’m filing for my SSI to start up @ 62. Grab every buck before it’s GONE. But, MY 1st check is scheduled for the end of December,, or end of January.. and if the crash comes HARD and HEAVY at the end of ’15,, then I’ll never get a SSI check. I’m ready.

    I advise people to have at least 600 gallons of water, & the PROPER filters for making RAIN water SAFE to drink, and DON’T rely on the POWER GRID to operate a reverse osmosis system AND the city WATER SYSTEMS may stop working. No city water, no sewer, no gas, no electric, no phones, no TV, (no internet), etc.

    I’m gonna MISS the internet. Thankfully,, I’ve got my MOST important information as HARD COPIES,, REAL books, etc.
    Gardening books, garden pests,, NURSE’s DRUG Guide (FAR better than a PDR). etc.

    Last chance to buy all the right stuff from Ebay.. (Sine wave inverter, Solar panels, combiner box, charge controller, etc, and don’t forget the GOLF CART batteries (or better yet, ROLLS, or Forklift battery if you can afford it.)

    How about a wood burning kitchen stove? At least buy some STOVE PIPES (and perhaps some High temp insulated stove pipe) so you can later MAKE a wood burning appliance and install it in your home, etc. Barrel stove, ammo can stove, Rocket stove, etc.

    Even a bunch of bricks or cement blocks grouted together with a steel plate on top for cooking, etc. Extra BBQ propane tanks etc.

    Garden supplies, PM’s, ammo, food, meds, feminine products & birth control (even if use for bartering), etc. Booze, Pounds of “pipe” loose tobacco & rolling/injecting devices & papers, seeds, 13-13-13, etc. I’m thinking that some bartering will be happening.

    Don’t forget to update the car, etc.. new hoses, belts, tires, buy some brake lines, pads, flush everything (DOT3, glycol, oil, PS fluid, brake fluid, trans, rear end). I’m getting new radiator and master cylinder, booster, and other parts installed this week. I want MY car as reliable as possible for the next 12-36 months without ANY surprises,, even if I have to run up my CHARGE card to do it.

    I’ll either PAY off the card slowly if NO crash ever comes,, or I’ll pay it off QUICKLY when SILVER goes over $100 or $500 per ounce,, or the Bank will crash and the debt will just vanish.

    When this crash comes,, we will NO LONGER be able to receive all those car parts or appliances from our MAIN SUPPLIER (China). And that includes Medications, etc.

    I started my OWN “Ben Franklin” type of saying: If you don’t prepare TOO early, you will SURELY be TOO LATE.

    (Ben’s original version is “Failure to prepare, is preparing to fail.” I love it.)

    • willygroper

      Great advice CEfD!

      Always enjoy your posts.

    • CalSailX

      I enough of us can fire up the transmitters, a local grid will come back up within weeks. I should have local wireless for those that didn’t get prepped in time. Hit the tower, so they can get some of those things they will wish they had downloaded before hand.

      I owe that at least to my neighbors firing up a wireless transmitter… the good ones will see the info, and pass it on!
      Those getting that info will be able to take care of themselves, and will not be a problem later.

      My neighbors aren’t stupid they will make us all proud. Hell most folk are better then those that seek control over us will ever think! Oh and that is something that they should be scared to hell of!

      WE SEE…

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    I do apologize that my posts end up being TOO long, I try to add view of the events, and then to include advice that I hope will guide other people into some preps they may have overlooked.

    And I try to avoid just rambling on and on. But they still grow too big.

    Did you catch my old advice about buying the cheaper shotgun shells (birdshot), open up a dozen or so,, remove a gram or more of the BB’s,, and then POUR-squirt in some Liquid glue, epoxy, etc.. to make about 60-75% of the BB’s STICK together (POOR MAN’s SLUGS at birdshot prices). But NEVER FILL it up that it makes the shell a PLUG that will get stuck & blow up your gun and kill you.

    Leave enough UNGLUED BB’s so it can “Flex” its way down the bore. The target will have BB’s scattered around the area and the BLOB SLUG will make the bigger, deeper hole.

    Or, you COULD buy the SLUG MOLD and MELT the BB’s to re-cast them as a TRUE SLUG,, or buy the Lyman brand ’00 pellet mold,, and cast your own double oughts. The mold is about $50 and it makes about 18 pellets all at once (AND those balls are exactly right for the 36 caliber CAP & Ball “black powder” pistols, etc.)

    I tend to think that Crossbows, and Black powder (and AIR Rifles) will be the only working weapons after martial law removes all the guns and ammo from the stores or the stores are all Looted and closed.
    You can buy a 30 pound bag of powdered Sulfur (wettable) from the garden supply, for about $30, and a bag of ammonia nitrate pretty cheap,, all you need is charcoal and you can make black powder.

    a .22 caliber Air Rifle,, amazingly powerful, but I’d LOVE to have a BIG BORE (45 caliber) air rifle (but they run about $1000 or more).
    How about a length of 3/4″ metal pipe hooked up to an air compressor tank (and a quick on-off valve) shooting a 3/4″ ball bearing? Wonder how good it might be?

    There are article out there about “home made cannons”.. such as for the 4th of July celebrations, Civil war re-enactors, etc. (but remember, the gov’t has “Acoustic Radar” sensing mics that DO detect and Locate GUNSHOTS to within 10ft of where it occurred.

    So, when the SHTF, and ALL guns/ammo is outlawed,, only the Crossbows & Air Rifles will go undetected.

    Sorry,, another TOO long post.

    • NaySayer

      how about a decent machete? It is the poor person’s sword. Or it could be.

      • Craig escaped from Detroit

        Yes, I forgot about the “Machete”. Good close range weapon.

        I read a funny “RE wording” of Davy Crocket’s Last words at the Alamo.

        “Where did all these Landscapers & Roofers come from?”

        • CalSailX

          At least sharpen the back 6″ of a WWII machete so you can cut with each end of a stroke. Or carry a Khukuri, and learn how to use it! No flash, and little sound just a head in his lap to be found come morning.

          Sorry folks… but a machete is a sad second cousin to a weapon that was build to do more then cut twigs.

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