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2015-2016: Are We Staring At A Global Economic Armageddon?

Europe, The US & Japan Will Be Brought to Their Knees

from TRUNEWS with Rick Wiles:


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2 comments to 2015-2016: Are We Staring At A Global Economic Armageddon?

  • anon

    Caravan To Midnight – Episode 346 Money: Where We Came From, Where We Are, & Where It’s All Headed

  • glitter 1

    Larry Edelson is a smart person and is market savy,however he is a Liberal as demonstrated here during this interview.He is associated with Weiss Investments,owned by Weiss Jr who’s father the senior Weiss was a close associate to Bernard Baruch,The Grand Vizier to presidents Wilson and FDR in all matters financial and dare I say Jewish Control of the White House.
    Bernard Baruch was there on the Wall Street floor along with Winston Churchill when the bell rang on Oct 28,1929.As the market was crashing,Churchill stated that he was ruined due to his stocks crashing.Baruch responded by telling him that he had arranged to have all of his(Churchill’s)holdings/stocks sold prior to the crashand his wealth was intact.Now isn’t that telling that Baruch knew in advance of the impending sell off!
    I see Larry Edelson,who is connected to Weiss as an insider,kinda like Rickards connection to the Gov.I use to subscribe to Weiss Investments years ago,but dropped it after I found out who he was and his family history.I think LE knows what is coming,just like Bernard Baruch knew ahead of Oct 28,1929.
    It’s a special club and you and I ain’t in it!

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