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Worried About Economic Collapse, Watch This Video

from visionvictory:

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5 comments to Worried About Economic Collapse, Watch This Video

  • B.M.

    IMHO, there was a time in the last few years when this guy’s advice made a lot of sense. However, I think it would be safe to now assume a few things:

    1. Taxes are going to be going up dramatically from here.
    2. U.S. dollar’s value is going to likely drop precipitously.
    3. Credit markets are going to come crashing down along with bond and stock markets.
    4. Food, water and ability to survive are going to be way more important for the foreseeable future than finding ways to make additional money.
    5. If history is our guide, yes things can do the slow burn but they always reach a point where the decline starts to accelerate faster and faster until it completely burns itself out. IMHO we are very close to the burn out point, not the slow burning process which was what we experienced over the last 7 years. The slow burn is over, and it’s now on the acceleration phase to burn out.
    6. September-December 2015 may be THE collapse we’ve been preparing for since 2008.

    I do believe this guy is a very smart person, and has a great entrepreneurial spirit, but I think his idea of creating “multiple streams of cash generation” is behind the times in terms of the point we’ve now reached within the overall collapse of the entire world financial system.

    Just my opinion.

    • Eric

      Yeah I kind of agree with you B.M., but I would put #6 first, then #3, and #2 because they have to print so much to keep it going, then #1, #4, #5

      But never underestimate the bankster’s ability to keep it going. There are going to be defaults one way or another, but a Weimar style Hyperinflation in the US is the most likely outcome unless that asteroid gets here soon.

      Survival but especially financial survival is of utmost important to the individual. Income streams and cash flow are important, but honestly I think it’s better to buy as much storable food and water, and every last gold and silver coin you can get your hands on with your capital at this point.

      Banking in this system is nuts.

  • Darin

    Don’t gain the whole world and loos your soul.

  • Troy

    Here is the ONLY things I invest in: Debt paid off, Silver, food, fuels, tools, seeds, and lead.

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