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World’s Top Tennis Player Goes Gluten-Free With Great Results

by Robert Harrington, Natural Society:

Not only did Novak Djokovic handily just win the French Open [Ed. Note: The author is meaning Wimbledon…the French is the only Major that Djoker HASN’T yet won] against the number 2 player in the world, he won after adhering to a gluten-free diet.

While such an accomplishment has become standard for Djokovic, going gluten-free after a lifelong diet of wheat food products was entirely new. Having been diagnosed with celiac disease by his doctor, the world’s top tennis player knew that he would have to make the diet adjustment sooner or later.

Once Novak Djokovic came to the conclusion that he had Gluten sensitivity, as well as Celiac disease, he simply had no choice but to transition to a gluten-free diet, especially if he was to maintain his world ranking at #1 in men’s tennis. Many other professional athletes have likewise made the transition away from wheat-based diets with similar success. Clearly, for those who are definitively diagnosed as gluten sensitive, a gluten-free diet is the only alternative that will allow them to reclaim their robust health.

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3 comments to World’s Top Tennis Player Goes Gluten-Free With Great Results

  • long john silver

    I convinced my niece to stop eating bread, and the psoriasis is gone.. I got my parents off of bread, and my dads Iron level is now normal, Who would have thought.. We grew up condition to eat bread, burgers, sandwiches, pizza, it is bad for the human body but we have been told a big lie, and when it is repeated so much, it becomes the truth..

  • Larry from Montreal

    Man has been eating bread for 10,000 years and drinking milk for easily as long. Some people can’t eat bread and some can’t drink milk. Live with it. Listen to your own body and quit listening to these food fear mongers.

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