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Who Enables the “Man”?

by Dominique Dassault,

What is “the man” doing?

1 Printing money… literally. Paused… for now. Still reinvesting principal/proceeds from maturing securities to maintain $4.5 trn. balance sheet size.

2 With that freshly printed money [of which there were never any quantitative limits] “The Man” is buying government debt [treasury notes and bonds] to purposely lower interest rates since 0% just is not low enough to adequately stimulate final demand.

3 As the largest purchaser of U.S. federal debt [30% of all new issues] “The Man” is purposely increasing the price of that debt [making it more expensive for you to acquire] in order to disincentivize you from purchasing “risk free” assets. The idea is to direct you toward investing in riskier assets [i.e., equities] because “The Man” knows what’s best for you and the general economy.

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1 comment to Who Enables the “Man”?

  • After reading I see it’s more of the same. Does he not realize that he is talking about a corporation? One that, by the way he is talking he contracts with every year! I keep telling people not to trust the major media, but the more I read, I would have to say not to trust any media. Not because like the major media which is deliberately trying to deceive you, the would be free press (on the net) are doing it to us by being parrots and not doing due diligent to find out just what is the truth (AND THE REMEDY!) ie In the full story there is a cartoon with a cow in front of a voting booth, the booth has a picture of Clinton and one of Bush, the caption is “OF FREE CHOICE”. Really? are those my only choices, I don’t think so! As a matter of fact Richard Pryor made a movie about it, were he ran for office under the banner “NONE OF THE ABOVE” and as far as I know this choice has always been available to all of us. WE WILL NOT PREVAIL UNTIL WE HAVE OUR MINES BACK IN PROPER WORKING ORDER!


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