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When the Trucks Stop Delivering, ‘The System’ Will Collapse

from Ready Nutrition:

Collectively speaking, most Americans take for granted the system in place to deliver essential supplies to their area. “The system,” an underlying infrastructure that keeps goods, services and commerce in America flowing creates a sense of normalcy and order. Food, water, gasoline and medications are just a few of the items restocked weekly in order for our dependent society to maintain a steady flow. What many fail to grasp is just how fragile the system is and just how quickly it can collapse.

Our transportation systems are one of the weakest links in the system. Mac Slavo explains:

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1 comment to When the Trucks Stop Delivering, ‘The System’ Will Collapse

  • Timco

    What grieves me the most is the children who will suffer because their parents are too stupid and preoccupied with useless stuff. Yes, you dumb ass men have plenty of beer and weed, but no extra food in the pantry. God help your kids.

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