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Varexit – Greeks Sacrifice Euro Antagonist In Bid To Secure Deal

from Gold Core:

The Greek people have voted overwhelmingly against using austerity as a tool to somehow normalise their economy in a world where normality no longer applies, on any level, to economic policy.

Yanis Varoufakis, the Greek Finance Minister, has announced his shock resignation this morning. This, despite the vote of confidence that yesterday’s result is for Syriza’s policies.

It is believed that his absence from the next phase of negotiations will clear the air with Greece’s “partners”. He had managed to antagonise most of his European counterparts by speaking bluntly about the problems facing Greece – both internally and externally.

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4 comments to Varexit – Greeks Sacrifice Euro Antagonist In Bid To Secure Deal

  • wauhoo

    Can’t blame Yanis for wanting to live a long life. You know that they have been threatened.

  • anon

    “Syriza may nationalize banks to protect depositors from ‘bail-ins'”.

    PUBLIC BANKING appears to be the real answer, here. No more private central banks running the NATIONAL OR EVEN STATE-LEVEL (PUBLIC) FINANCES. Isn’t that the lesson of Iceland? Isn’t that the lesson of North Dakota? Private banks will ALWAYS operate in their OWN BEST INTERESTS, rather than in those of the general public.

    • anon

      “The people of Greece have rejected further impositions on them. They reject further hardship when there is no reason to believe that such hardship will lead to a brighter future. In effect, they are asserting their liberty in the face of slavery.” Something AMERICANS should be thinking about (liberty or slavery), right now, and probably should have been thinking about, for, I dunno, maybe the past 15 years or more – at least.

  • Nd60

    Hmmmm… putin plays chess and barry play checkers.

    what do you play?

    Episode July 6th? Macbeth Act 1 Scene 3 – The Witches meet Macbeth???

    So it happened…
    the actor in question went to meet the 3 illusive magical
    seemingly unlimited pompous “evil” figures – 4.C.I.0.R.T+B.c.3+F.M.1
    and they were stirred
    and they were shaken
    and they wanted his head.
    For they saw the “future”.

    What most over there missed is, perhaps more than meets the eye.
    V ride into the sunset of history as legends, the modern Sparta
    and V ensures the enemy is exposed, in plain sight –
    they cant even “fight” a shadow and they have no weapons.
    Sorry all SQUEEZED OUT. No more juice baby.
    definitely no ‘legend’ status for the circus clown in eternity history book
    when they too are…
    well… required to get/fall? off the stage.

    so few wild animal-sex-party and
    free-flowing-fountain of crystallize drinks and
    game of musical chair all-round
    is worth the name carved in the other “not so glorious” book? like forever?
    like the whole bloodline is forever shame to carry grandpa family name?

    Maths dont lie, so they say.
    History, well… if there be god,
    the god who is unaffected by and unconcern of humanity, that god dont lie either.

    Game theory uses alot of ‘shadowy’ tactics.
    Art of war is another whole new level.

    everything can be a weapon. everything is ying vs yang.
    everything has something to counter and balance it.
    there is nothing that is only for you and not for your enemy
    paper are light and thin and can slit through hide inside even the tightest dark spot
    but they cant fly when they are under the shinny barbaric bricks

    If only everyone learn chinese and understand that culture,
    the same tune is much much more deeper in meaning in the local unspoken language…
    and no its not a direct translation as many from there would assume…
    the thousand y.o east dont follow the hundred y.o west… sad hey…
    so much assumption so little wisdom

    So? is “free gold” coming in the next episode?
    what will they play now? the east that is?
    personally going back to sleep is a better choice… for me.
    god knows how the story ends.
    i just ask god to record it and tell me later…
    Long live V. bye bye you. good luck.

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