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Understanding How The Recent Paper Gold/Silver Market Was Faked

from GregoryMannarino:

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2 comments to Understanding How The Recent Paper Gold/Silver Market Was Faked

  • Eric

    Yep. There’s a big difference between the COMEX stupid price and the REAL price.

    People in the stock market are going to get slaughtered. It’s only just begun.

    Good Times!

  • Ludwig

    This information is as valuable as precious metals. The “paper price” of naked derivatives has become a sword to chop at and impale genuine money, but as Gregory said, “It’s not real”.

    Those ordained with the power of creating “money” from nothing will do anything to protect fiat (fake…or, “let it be so”) money. Real money is their mortal enemy. They have become so “wealthy”/powerful that fiendish pain involved will target most those least to blame for hell on Earth…but reality has a way of eventually trumping fantasy.

    And when that happens, when reality and money are reunited, perhaps doing good will prevail over doing well, restoring progress to humanity?

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