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Turkey Plans To Invade Syria

by Brandon Turbeville, Activist Post:

Even worrying members of his own government, Turkish President Recep Erdogan is showing the world just how he earned his being shown the door in the last election. This is because Erdogan has recently announced plans to invade Syria, occupy a swath of land on the southern Turkey/Norther Syria border, and establish a buffer zone there.

In the past, Turkey has sent troops into Syria under the guise of protecting a Turkish enclave in Syrian territory but, in reality, the operation was an attempt to provide cover for Western-backed terrorists moving against the Syrian government. The Turks have also committed sizeable amounts of their intelligence agents and “special ops” crews to Syria.

This recent announcement, however, involves the commitment of Turkish Air Force and infantry which will then be used to not only establish a “buffer zone” in Northern Syria but also to occupy that zone.

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3 comments to Turkey Plans To Invade Syria

  • willygroper

    will Greece help?

    • Ed_B

      BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Greece will be lucky to hang on and not go into a full blown social collapse to go along with their financial and economic collapses. But then, you knew that. 😉

  • Ed_B

    Turkey invade Syria? Maybe. The Turks have no love for any Arabs, so maybe they would be thinking about reinstating a new Ottoman Empire in the ME. With the entire ME in turmoil and weak from internal strife, what better time would there be for this?

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