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Tulving 2.0? Gold Bullion Dealer “Suspends Operations” Due To “Significant Transactional Delays”

from Silver Doctors:

Gold bullion dealer Bullion Direct customers were greeted with an information message over the Holiday Weekend that they have “suspended operations” due to “significant transactional delays”

While Tyler Durden and others among the PM community immediately began speculating that a significant bullion delivery shortage/issue has developed, SDBullion can confirm that this is NOT the case in the US wholesale market. 

While demand has increased exponentially in the past several weeks with both gold and silver near recent lows, and spiked even more dramatically beginning June 27th with speculation that a Greek default was imminent, major mints and distributors are still acquiring and shipping large quantities of bullion in what we would describe as normal with current market conditions.


While we can merely speculate, a visit to Bullion Direct’s Better Business Bureau page sheds quite a bit of light on the issue, as the BBB has revoked Bullion Direct’s Accreditation and has issued an Alert on Bullion Direct Inc.:

BBB has received a pattern of disputes regarding Bullion Direct.  Complainants allege they have ordered products, but the product has not been received after several weeks despite their payment being processed. Disputes also allege that consumers have sold products through the Bullion Direct exchange, and product was delivered but payment was not received from Bullion Direct.  Additional disputes allege that consumers contracted with Bullion Direct to store their previous purchases, but are unable to reach anyone and get their product out of storage. These disputes range in amounts from $300-$97,000. Consumers generally request assistance in having products delivered immediately, delivery of funds owed or a refund of the purchase. The business has been unresponsive to recent disputes.

On 6/25/2015 this business’s accreditation in the BBB was revoked by the BBB’s Board of Directors due to its failure to adhere to the BBB requirement that Accredited Businesses meet and abide by the following standards:

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21 comments to Tulving 2.0? Gold Bullion Dealer “Suspends Operations” Due To “Significant Transactional Delays”

  • Troy

    I don’t know about gold, but I do know people in my area are buying as much silver as they can afford.

  • Greg

    That’s why I only stick to a few reputable dealers. Provident Metals, APMEX (when they have ebay deals), and Gainsville Coins.

    • Ed_B

      Yep, same here… Apmex, Provident, and SD Bullion. I’ve tried others but always come back to these three. The best deal, including shipping, gets my business.

    • SilverHawk

      That’s why I quit buying through the mail back in 2005.

      Cash and Carry. Don’t care about the premium cost. The higher premium is like leaving a tip to the business owner.

      And most importantly, I sleep very well that night…

    • Jerry

      Modern Coin Mart (MCM) and Liberty Coin are also good places when they have precious metals on sale on their eBay site.

  • slipstichpass

    I almost was caught up in the Tulving debacle and one of the last to get a positive result. I trust SD and Provident maybe APMEX. I would not wait much longer on any purchases.

  • Craig it's all gone

    World events are “in motion”.. but this is only the beginning. We are in the earliest stages of collapse,,and everything will “appear” to be normal for some unknown period of time.

    Things often go slowly at first,, (like the turds circling the bowl).. and then, all of a sudden,, it all goes down the drain with a WHOOSH !!!

    Everybody with brains is stakin’ their asses off, (and growing gardens, stackin’ seeds, silver, solar, etc).
    I read that garden fertilizer,, (the higher concentrates,, applied at the right time and correct ratios),, will yield up to 100 pounds of food from just ONE pound of fertilizer.

    I’d say it’s a VERY Good thing to be stackin’ some of it. It won’t spoil and it’s a LOT of potential food if you do a good job of tending to your garden.

    Be ready, be healthy, be full.

  • Willie

    This should be the lead story… “Greece Crisis: Greeks Defy Europe With Overwhelming ‘No’ to Austerity Terms” Way to go people of Greece! I notice that got pushed down the page in favor of “The Phaser”…

    • Craig it's all gone

      I am bursting with pride for the Greek people, but I fear that this accomplishment will be pushed under the rug with more bankster trickery by the Troikerie.

      There are MANY Black Swan Triggers out there, waiting to crush the multi headed Hydra.
      Chinese markets, China Infrastructure Investment Bank, BRICS, the replacement for SWIFT, and SO many delicate problems just waiting to blow up.

      I’m looking to see what happens with Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, derivatives, bonds, fiat, physical PM’s, and on and on.

      It’s a recipe with TOO many ingredients to know how it will evolve. Call it the “Darwin Financial Stew”?

      I feel like a helpless fried chicken wing, standing in the middle of a crowd of angry “protesters” in Baltimore, or Ferguson, Detroit, LA, etc. I’m gonna be picked clean.

      Keep Stackin’ PM’s, & seeds, food, lead/brass/powder, etc.

    • SGT

      every story gets pushed down the site by the next new post, dummy.

      • Marvo

        Except for the ones that don’t. On any given day there are one or two posts that have sat at or Near the top for many days.

  • Warp

    I’ve had good experience with SD Bullion (of course!), APMEX is reliable, if a bit pricy, but I would recommend Texas Precious Metals (

    I’ve seen that they operate using a hedge position and only sell what they have in stock.

    Of course, it helps that they’re just down the street from Spoetzl brewery (Shiner) in Shiner, TX, and Spoetzl has free tastings. 😉

  • Willy

    SD can not compete with apmex and provident’s premiums. Provident’s new free shipping makes me happy when I can grab my monthly collectible a with no outrageous shipping fee. Doc comes here to plug his site every few days when he isn’t hyping and reporting the same old doom day after day. He BoLony character has been proven to be a shill time and time again but since that is the ply character hyping PMs he gets a lot of face time there.

    • SGT

      BS Willy – I’m beginning to think you’re just one of the creeps who only gets off on complaining around here. Which makes us wonder, WHY do you come ’round here at all? Not that you actually care about facts, SD Bullion’s deal on American Eagles in any quantity has been the cheapest around all summer.

    • SGT

      “Willy” you’re about to get blocked for using dummy account names and e-mails to hurl sh#t every time you comment. You write: “Doc comes here to plug his site every few days” Bullsh#t. We have the Doc AND Eric Dubin on ONCE every SIX weeks you dummy. Not that we’d expect someone like you to actually support a good guy and a sponsor of this site. We are on to you. You have been bringing nothing to the comments but general bitching, moaning and insult hurling. Grow a pair and contribute, or the door closes. Capish?

  • Smiteproductions

    I admit I’m not mr. moneybags. I don’t have much money to speak of, and I have more debt than I’d like having had to live a few years on credit cards while working my way up the list of on-call personnel. Good times. The thing I always wonder is what about the “little guy” who has 40 ounces of silver, and is buying at one or two ounces a month because that’s all we can afford? In the grand scheme of things, what are people like me going to realistically hope to get out of such a small amount of precious metals?

    • chuck

      I bet if you divided the number of silver ounces in existence by the number of people on the planet, there would not be enough to give everyone anywhere near 40 ounces each. Any amount will leave you better off than having none. Keep stacking and be thankful for every real thing you have!

  • Craig it's all gone

    I have noticed a clear pattern in the people who are the biggest, most constant complainers & “Nay-sayers”.

    Those who complain about the predictions of PM’s will skyrocket, the complainers simply have no concept of “patience” or of how manipulations and controls that take time to lose control.
    So when the prices of PM’s were going higher each week, but then got smashed down and stayed down with repeated smashing, those “impatient, cynical types” could not contain their anger (because they cannot see anything that is “long term”.

    They do get on my nerves, but so do blind-faith idiots who trumpet other things. I prefer the logical, thoughtful, patient people who open their eyes to the many forces that are interacting.

    Yes, I do get frustrated to see the PM prices stagnant when I have learned the facts that FIAT is krap and PM’s are real money. The FIATs of the world must go down the toilet & the PM’s will conquer the crown. But there are so many vested interests in keeping the ponzi going,, it will take a while for those powerful whales to get harpooned and sink to the bottom where they belong.

    Keep patience,, don’t complain just because it’s in your nature to be quick to snap at things.
    Dig deeper below the surface news and don’t let things that seem to be the biggest attention-getters,, stop you from looking behind the curtains.

    Some of us have cynical tendencies, and others have TOO much faith in some position. Try to find a better balance between the 2 polar opposites. (yes, it is SO much easier to adopt an attitude that is at one of the 2 extreme sides and it takes more thinking and looking to dig around and moderate ourselves.)

    There are times when my brain gets tired and hurts from too much input, but I still don’t take the lazy position of complex topics.

  • Craig it's all gone

    There is one HUGE benefit to having “quick complainers” who constantly poke the same hole or similar things.

    The complainers-nay-sayers, really help to push the “Logical THINKERS” to dig deeper to formulate a BETTER response to combat & educate the negative types.

    In doing the rebuttals,, the logical types often find MORE good info and sharpen their logic for better use.

    The complainers are the “sharpening stone” which helps to eliminate POOR logic from the table!!!

    Without the complainers,,, the room would just be filled with the choir, all singing the same old songs together. So yes,, complainers get on my nerves,, but they keep the choir from getting boring.

  • Will

    I’ve been waiting since April 30 for the 6 ounces of gold I bought from Bullion Direct. Not looking good for the home team. I worked really hard for that money and to think it is gone just makes me sick.

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