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Tsipras Sells Out Referendum ‘No’ Vote Ahead Of Weekend Deadline

On Thursday, in the course of detailing Greece’s €2 billion energy partnership with Russia, Lafazanis said the referendum “no vote “must not become a humiliating ‘yes’.” 

from Zero Hedge:

“We got a mandate to bring a better deal than the ultimatum that the Eurogroup gave us, but certainly not given a mandate to take Greece out of the eurozone,” Greek PM Alexis Tsipras reportedly told Syriza lawmakers on Friday, underscoring the fact that his government’s mandate is, for all intents and purposes, impossible to achieve.

As detailed Thursday evening, the proposal (or, the “thorough piece of text” as Jeroen Dijsselbloem called it) submitted by Tsipras looks quite a bit like the proposal the Greek people rejected at Tsipras’ urging last Sunday. Here are the basics:

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2 comments to Tsipras Sells Out Referendum ‘No’ Vote Ahead Of Weekend Deadline

  • Willie

    Will Rogers: “If most of the things that politicians promised came true then there would be no need to go to Heaven…”

  • anon

    The politicians are merely the front-men for the financial interests. Judging by how quickly Yanis Varoufakis exited the scene – I’d say he was just there to give the Greek populace some kind of false hope for a brighter future, and stave off mass rioting, and then, once that false hope simply could not be maintained any longer – he’s gone. Now, Tsipras will most likely cave to the financial interests at the ECB, who, like Tsipras are all COMMUNISTS. We can only hope that Varoufakis actually accomplished something more than raising a seemingly genuine, natural, non-orchestrated one-fingered salute to Brussels and the ECB.

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