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Tsipras Promises to Strike Bailout Deal Within 48 Hours After Referendum

Greek Prime Minister’s government will reach an agreement with international creditors next week following the Sunday referendum, Alexis Tsipras claims.

from Sputnik News:

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said Thursday that his government will reach a long-anticipated agreement with international creditors next week following the Sunday referendum.

We will have an agreement within 48 hours after the referendum. The banks will open shortly after the agreement is reached,” Tsipras said in an interview with ANT1 television.

Tsipras reiterated that he was ready to compromise with creditors.

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1 comment to Tsipras Promises to Strike Bailout Deal Within 48 Hours After Referendum

  • Willie

    This is all an act to bamboozle the Greek people into accepting austerity. Greek people… do not be fooled by this maneuvre.

    Sunday’s Vote Will Determine Liberty Or Serfdom

    Paul Craig Roberts

    According to history books, democracy originated in Greece. Of course, historians could be mistaken, but this is the prevailing view among Western populations with enough awareness to be interested to know.

    What we are witnessing today, July 2, 2015, is that after 2,500 years in the Western World only the current Greek government is interested in democracy. The Greek government, to the surprise and consternation of every other European government, has called a referendum for the Greek people to decide the fate of Greece. For resorting to democracy, the Greek government has been universally denounced in the Western World.

    So much for Western democracy.

    The greatest and most successful propaganda scam in history is the one that convinces the world that they are nobody if they are not part of The West, the indispensable peoples, the exceptional peoples. If you are not part of The West you are nobody, nonexistent, a nothing.

    This prevailing propaganda might prevail in Greece on Sunday, in which case a fearful and intimidated Greek population might vote against the only government that, instead of accepting a payoff from Greece’s enemies, fought for the welfare of the Greek people.

    If the Greeks vote for their oppressors and against their own government, democracy in the EU will cease to exist.

    2,500 years ago Greeks saved their independence from the Persian Empire. Sunday’s vote will tell us whether Greeks have again served liberty or whether they have succumbed to Washington’s Empire.

    The fate of all Europeans and of Americans themselves will be settled on Sunday.

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