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Tsipras Betrays Referendum, Sells Out to the Banks

by Kurt Nimmo, Infowars:

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has proposed eleventh hour concessions to European central banks despite the overwhelming rejection of an austerity deal by the Greek people. He told Syriza lawmakers they must back reforms and keep the country in the euro. “We are confronted with crucial decisions,” he said during a party meeting, according to officials.

“We got a mandate to bring a better deal than the ultimatum that the Eurogroup gave us, but certainly not given a mandate to take Greece out of the eurozone,” he added.

The “cap-in-hand capitulation” proposal offered by Tsipras is strikingly similar to the harsh austerity measures rejected on July 5 by 61 percent of voters.

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8 comments to Tsipras Betrays Referendum, Sells Out to the Banks

  • drak

    It looks like he as a force of one, cannot do this by himself. If the rest of their lawmakers say no, he cannot over ride them. I may be wrong, but the article implies this.

    • MRH

      Not sure how you can say he is “a force of one”. The ENTIRE COUNTRY voted TWICE to back him up. Doesn’t sound very alone to me. Sounds like tons of support.

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    You’ve just been Tsiprased.
    You’ve just been betrayed.

  • Willie

    Veroufakis got Tsiprased. I could see that there was a falling out between them earlier on. Never trust a politician, they will promise you the moon and then sell you down the river in favor of the special interests who bribe, coerce or otherwise threaten them…

  • NaySayer

    Isn’t Tsipras far far leftish? Why would he be against a small number of unelected bureaucrats running things? Isn’t that a serious far lefty wet dream?

    Varoufakis always seemed more Libertarian and one who was willing to work with anybody who would get Greece out of the EU. Now maybe he will pick his compatriots more carefully since Tsipras sold out, apparently.

    But then again how many have speculated that Tsipras would be threatened or assassinated if he didn’t go along?

  • tomche

    I think there is NO WAY that TPTB will let Greece leave the EU. It doesn’t matter what the people want or how they “vote”. They are all serfs and serfs don’t make the rules or say what’s what.

    • Willie

      As George Carlin said in his “American Dream” video: “You have owners… they OWN you.”

      The illusion that is called freedom is being steadily defined downward as the wheels start to come off of the global debt slavery ponzi scheme.

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