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This Is Much More Dangerous to National Security Than Jade Helm

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

There has been something that has been a battle brewing inside of the United States that is devastating to the American way of life. This is worse and far more of a threat than Jade Helm. Specifically, I am speaking about the destruction of the Christian religion in the United States. The demise of Christianity and Christians is planned and it is deliberate.

As bad as he may be, the country can survive the illegitimate Presidency of Obama along with his fascist policies. America can also survive an economic crash, we have done it before. We can even survive the implementation of martial law so long as individual Americans refuse to accept the obliteration of their civil liberties. However, what America cannot survive is the wholesale the destruction of its cultural underpinnings. No nation can survive the destruction of its culture and remain the same and this is precisely what America is going through now.

Cultural Destruction

Our American history books are replete with examples on how the westward movement in this country destroyed the various Native American tribes. The Navajo, the Sioux et al, were not merely defeated because they lost their land, their freedom as many of them lost their lives. They were defeated, in the finality of it all, because they lost their culture. When the Native Americans were conquered, they were literally destroyed because they lost their right to practice their spiritual beliefs, societal mores and family traditions. Many of the children were sent off to harsh boarding schools where they were further deculturized.

America is living in a time when she is being deculturized. We are being stripped of our way of life. This administration would force you to accept homosexual marriage regardless of your religious beliefs and teachings on th subject. Many of the homosexual groups cry out for equality. However, some go much further as they bait the owners of bakeries into lawsuits who will not sell wedding cakes to homosexual couples because it violates their Christian values. Pastors are being threatened with law suits for the same reasons. “We have the right to refuse service to anyone” does not apply to those of a Christian persuasion.

We are also being forced to accept the presence of tens of millions of foreigners on our soil. Some come here with the legitimate intent to become part of the American culture. Some come here to take advantage of the hospitality that has been extended to them. And some come here with long criminal histories and to our current President, he does not care about distinguishing between the three groups of immigrants in which two of these groups of immigrants are clearly deculturizing America because I believe that is his goal. DeculturizingAmerica? Yes! How many immigrants from third world countries can we take on before we become just another third world country ourselves?

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3 comments to This Is Much More Dangerous to National Security Than Jade Helm

  • Coyote

    I lulz at the thought of freedom being compatable with the White Christ and it’s followers like Hodges. The White Christ is the God of Statisem. Christianity, like Islam and all monotheistic, Abrahamic “religions” are in actuality, political systems. Their purpose is to control. Some may seem more friendly than and accepting than others, but they are still political constructs, which exist to control. I would also add that there are no Christians or Islamists left in the world, as both “religions” have capitulated their essence away, being hollowed out into meaningless shells by the whims of so called politically correct standards, to the point where they resemble and practice nothing of which they are suppose to.

  • joe

    Please learn to write a coherent sentence and spell the words correctly before you post comments.

  • anon

    America lost its sovereignty and independence on Dec. 23, 1913. What NO NATION can endure is handing the public finances over to private central bankers from Europe.

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