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The Pros And Cons Of Being A Suburban Prepper

from The Sleuth Journal:

“Everyone who lives in the city is going to die when the SHTF.”

Have you ever been on a preparedness website and read that? It makes my blood boil, and not just because it’s a negative and discouraging thing to say. I am also not convinced that it’s correct. Wherever you live, there are pros and cons, and your job as a prepper is to maximize the positive aspects of your location while taking steps to minimize the negative aspects.

This is especially true when it comes to the suburban prepper.

Although the mindset of those living in a rural community is, by necessity, more oriented toward self-reliance, living in the cities or suburbs is a fact of life for many. Those sites or commenters which blithely tell people to pack up and head for the country are completely unrealistic.

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9 comments to The Pros And Cons Of Being A Suburban Prepper

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    Surviving in any city-suburb during a Power Grid failure survival situation, is the one thing that is NOT survivable BECAUSE ALL the Fire Hydrants, Fire Departments, etc. will NOT be able to stop the MILE WIDE FIRES that will jump from house to house and burn entire neighborhoods to the ground.

    When any crisis or disaster shuts off the power grid, you’d better be someplace where the neighbor’s fire won’t jump to YOUR dwelling.

    A big financial crisis, can shut down the grids because the “Coal trains” will stop running and the power plants will go OFF line.

    Nuclear Power plants will lose GRID power (running all the cooling pumps) and they will ALL go critical and melt down. They are NOT self powered pumps from their own reactors,, they just aren’t.

    Gas stations, cars & 18 wheelers will run out of fuel and all deliveries of food & FUEL will stop. (Fire Departments need diesel fuel and need active crews and working fire hydrants)

    Roads will be clogged with Grid-Locked vehicles running out of gas, etc, and TRAFFIC lights will not work, and all the idiots trying to “TEXT & Talk” on NON working Cellphones (the TOWERS will be dead).. will crash at the intersection and block all other traffic.

    • Eric

      If the Nuclear Power plants lose grid power, 95% of America will be uninhabitable.

      I live in a somewhat high fire hazard zone. We have lost power for days before and we have had fires in my area. The Los Angeles firefighters are some of the best in the world if you ask me. They are on it like raindrops. Besides, that’s why you have insurance.

      If all hell breaks lose like you’re talking Craig, it will be hell on earth and every man for themselves. “The Road” type scenario will unfold. And whatever is left of us are all going to have to be on the move or risk being dragged off the club FEMA. TPTB have too much to lose from allowing such a scenario to unfold. They also seem to be ready to execute such a plan. Not that they are in control and know what they are doing.

      • Craig escaped from Detroit

        Back in Detroit, during these previous 10 years, there has been at least 10% of fire hydrants in the city that was NOT working at any particular time (and the grid was NEVER down.)
        20-40% of Fire Station equipment (Fire Engines) are “in the shop” for service because they are not able to work at putting out a fire, or their main engine-transmission, brakes, axles, etc was broken down.

        I don’t even CARRY any fire insurance or homeowner’s insurance on my homes. (Detroit & Florida).
        For one thing, it’s quite expensive, for another, they are often known to “low ball” your payouts and often pay nothing and you’ve got to fight them in court, etc.

        For me, I’ve just found it easier to spend the money on any upgrades I require, and hope for the best. My Florida place, is a 1986 double wide, and I can buy a 1996 double wide, etc, pretty darn cheaply.. perhaps $8k? I’ll figure it out when the time arrives.

        TPTB, yes, they have much to lose, but there are competing groups of TPTB, and most of them just view more than 50% of the world’s population as useless eaters.
        You know the old joke? Why do Jews have big noses? (Answer= Because AIR is FREE.)

        The most elite of elites, are the ones who desire a huge population extermination. The lower class elites will lose too much if the world takes TOO big of a shit.

        It’s looking like, all the elites have been pillaging all the systems for TOO long for it to survive and it’s going down in a way that is bigger than what most elites even considered and they are scared too. But their greed was the big winner, they just figured the system would never collapse and stop all their PONZI schemes.

        Greed is just as blind as LOVE. Both of them will get you in big trouble before you can believe you did it to yourself.

        Marriages start out with the highest intentions, yet more than 50% of them end in divorces, and most of those are acrimonious. Greed NEVER starts out with “good intentions”,, it always starts with a desire to grab things that don’t belong to you.

        Greed is the ONE human hunger that is NEVER never FILLED.. it always wants MORE More MOAR.

        OK,, so perhaps the crash may be “controlled, slow motion” and NOT hit bottom?

        Always remember,, PLAN for the worst,, HOPE for the Best,, but NEVER get this advice backwards.

    • glitter 1

      “Nuclear Power plants will lose GRID power (running all the cooling pumps) and they will ALL go critical and melt down. They are NOT self powered pumps from their own reactors,, they just aren’t.”

      Wrong!Sorry not even close,you need to quit reading all the propaganda(read:Anti-Nuc)outlets,i.e.ENE and others that are dedicated at spreading fear and mis-information.

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    I am sorry,, I guess I made a mistake… based upon this simple lie? Every nuclear reactor in the country, must be shut down every 12-24 months for “re-fueling” and thus,, must switch their pumps to GRID power (unless they have other, working reactors to make the power).

    So,, if the GRID power is NOT available, and the nuke plants shut down for any reason,, the pumps will magically keep running even though the diesel backup generators have only a few days or a week’s worth of diesel fuel?

    Nuke plants are SOoo crash proof,, that Fukushima, TMI, Fermi 1, Chernobyl, etc,, are all just myths and legends.. never happened,,and with all the new, better features,, will never happen again, etc etc?

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    And about those sites that spread Fear and false information,, I am so stupid,, I was thinking that it was the GOV’T and Corporations that were spreading lies and mis-information.

    Silly me,, GMO’s are GOOD for me.. Organic food is false fear mongering.

    Governments are SOOooo trust worthy and NEVER lie about contamination, wars, finance, biological warfare experiments on US soil against CITIES.. and the gov’t would NEVER test Syphilis on black men in Tuskegee,, or germ warfare on San Francisco,, or those stories about “Nuclear Veterans” being used as Guinea pigs,, is just fear mongering mythology. Yep.. ENE news is such a false information site.

    GE reactors at Fukushima are working just fine.. there is NO radiation killing the Pacific ocean. It gets TOO diluted to be measured.


    • Eric

      Hey I like ENE news. Anyways, there’s only 1 reactor really near me. And if for some reason something happens, I’ll be in on the road within 5 minutes.

      As far as fire hazards go, I actually think being out in the forest would be one of the worst places to be. Like this article said, there are advantages and disadvantages to everywhere, and there is no single ideal safe place to be. Bloom where you’re planted.

      I personally like Bill Holter’s advice,… if you can live like Daniel Boone or Davy Crockett, you’ll probably be able to ride this out. While that sounds unlikely or even impossible for most, I think being mobile and having multiple options already in mind, it will be easier to make difficult decisions when the worst happens.

      What’s in your bug out bag?

      • Craig escaped from Detroit

        Being mobile is good.. I like the idea of buying 2 or 5 acre plots in several states,, along my chosen route,, so I can tow a 18ft-22ft trailer and stop at any of my private land where nobody can kick me off from it…and when there is NO house on the land,, the taxes are dirt cheap.

        Install all the solar panels your trailer roof can accommodate, and have other Amish supplies with you so you can settle down for the growing season, etc.

        Many trailers out there, have a large rear cargo door,, for parking an ATV, snowmobile or motor bike,, but for a “bug out trailer”.. I’d prefer an extra load of solar panels,, a few extra golf cart batteries, and garden supplies such as a roll of wire fencing, posts, roto tiller, bags of fertilizers, canning jars, pressure canner, etc. A well equipped trailer with the right mix of supplies,, will make permanent living on vacant land,, pretty decent.

        I’d be afraid of going places and hoping to squat-camping and not get shot or forced to leave.
        Buying a few vacant acres,, spaced apart by NO further than HOW FAR you can drive & Tow with just ONE tank of GAS. And always carry extra fuel. No less than 10 gallons.

        Just today, MY car (going into town), transmission slipped at a stop light,, later,, got out,, looked under the hood,, spotted a pin-hole squirty leak of Trans fluid (rusty cooling line).

        It will be fixed and back on the road in 3 days, but this was a GOOD practice problem.
        Glad it happened BEFORE the crash (parts available), and happened close to home, and happened in SUMMER and not winter.

        My neighbor, ,bought a spare “starter motor”,, even though he does NOT yet need it. He’s into advanced planning too. This summer, he’s dug and filled a 2000 gallon pond,, got it running, and will stock it with either Blue gills (Breem) or Tilapia.

        Keep stacking & Stocking up. Get your Amish On.

  • Fred Hayek

    The problem with this article is that it equates suburban with urban.

    That’s silly. There aren’t simply two nodes of density, urban and rural. There’s a whole spectrum in between. Suburbs in California often mean a density that’s only matched in urban areas here in Massachusetts where I live. Half acre and acre areas per lot are very common here. From the pictures I’ve seen of SoCal, I don’t think that’s the case there.

    Ferfal, the guy who writes about living through the collapse of Argentina, has said that more home invasions and crime took place in rural, extremely spread out areas than in more moderate density suburbs because no one could come to your aid if you were a mile from your nearest neighbor.

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