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The Investment Case For Gold Remains Intact

from Gold Silver Worlds:

On Monday 20th July the gold price fell sharply, dropping 4.3% from its Friday closing price. This note explains what happened and counters some misconceptions.

The majority of commentators explain gold’s recent price fall in the context of four themes:

The continued recovery in the US economy, the associated strengthening dollar, and an expected rise in interest rates. This, they believe, represents major headwinds for gold.
A slowdown in China’s gold demand.
The recent broad commodity sell-off, which is itself a result of US dollar strength and concerns over China’s economic growth.
And in the background, political tensions have eased, as illustrated by the tentative resolution of a Greek bailout.

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1 comment to The Investment Case For Gold Remains Intact

  • thinking outside the matrix

    Make a video response to wake people up and stop the insanity! Silver will rise when the Elite are ready for economic reset. Cheap silver is used to keep technology cheap so the Powers that shouldn’t be can spy on us. Gold, silver and other precious metals will eventually rise but will be soon be overshadowed by Bitcoin or some other crypto currency. Bitcoin was created the NSA and many of the Elite are taking big steps to make this happen. Goldman Sachs just invested 50 mil in a Bitcoin company (Circle). Blythe Masters who is responsible for shorting silver by JP Morgan has left banking to start her own Bitcoin company, Digital Assets Holding. Tim Draper, who has already invested over 20 mil in bitcoin, was named one of Top 3 bitcoin advocates for Bitcoin but has eerie ties to the United Nations by way of his father William Henry Drapper, who was the second most powerful guy in the UN, held high positions in the US gov, advocated for population control, and was a big time banker. Like father like son, lol. I don’t believe in coincidence theories. People will be eventually herded into Bitcoin once big corporations are given the green light to dump their dollars into it. This will happen when people no longer trust banks and no longer have access to precious metals. I own precious metals but also own Bitcoin and other cryptos. This is a no brainier.

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