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The Great Deception By A Criminal Syndicate Of Banks, Global Shock And A Wild Scene That is Now Unfolding

from Kingworldnews:

I’m focused on the fact that there is a consistent pattern in the markets with regards to bad news, and I would consider the Greek referendum outcome to definitely be bad news for the markets and a shock to the world. Even the elites, who are busy implementing their New World Order, expected a yes outcome. Markets initially acted as they should, with gold rising and stocks falling. Last night gold shot up, but then the usual suspects employed their algorithms and high-frequency techniques and then slammed it back down again.

Stock Market Crash, Desperate Western Central Banks & Financial Collapse

Then the stock markets, after being sharply lower, rallied back as the powers that be know that an extended decline could lead to a crash. Ironically, if this continues long enough the cost will be a collapse of the present fiat currency system and a horrific hyperinflation. But in the eyes of the elite, that’s a problem for another day.

John Embry Continues @ King World News

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