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The God Who Was – and Wasn’t – There!?!

from Stefan Molyneux:

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6 comments to The God Who Was – and Wasn’t – There!?!

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    I’ve seen some of this guy’s videos, and as you can see from his exacting, on target logic, he actually is a VERY brilliant man with very well thought out logic.

    In there OWN way,, these 2 guys below,, are as Brilliant as George Carlin.
    Watch a bit and have your opinions expanded.

    Another VERY brilliant (and sarcastically VERY funny guy) is Pat Condell.
    This clever video, is Called: “The Trouble With Islam”,, is VERY accurate, sarcastic and well done.

    This Orthodox Christian Priest,, converted away from his Jewish Birth,and is very funny, clever and shocking he has not been “suicided”.
    Brother Nathaneil

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    Brother Nathaneil says that USA elections are for “Jews Only”. If you are not kissing the floor that Jews walk on,, you’ll never be elected, etc.

    • Jacobson

      Most of the world says that freedom is only for americans.
      The others are slaves who have to work for u.s.a and worship it’s brands and icons.

      • Eric

        Most of the world? Who is “most of the world?” US citizens are the most indebted with jewish usury of all nations in the entire history of the world.

        U.S.A lawmakers forced to pledge of allegiance to Israel

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    I always appreciate when anybody mounts an attack on bad logic and mythological belief systems that can offer no quantifiable, measurable proofs.

    Here is just ONE very VERY interesting talk given by Neil deGrasse Tyson about the limits of knowledge is where people have always “claimed” that “God” exists. But as each new step of science reveals the understanding more and more, than the idea of “God” is pushed to the next GOAL POST of the limits of measurable knowledge.

    So, the religious people, always invoking “God” as the “unknown force”, God has become a constantly moving Goal Post that keeps getting further away.
    God used to be the controlling hand of “how the rainbows are made”, and now we understand it’s how light refracts thru the water droplets and God is removed from the rainbow.

    Then God used to be the hand that controlled the ocean’s tides,, and we discoverd, measured and predicted-verified it is the MOON’s Gravitational forces pulling at the water molecules and moving them.. so God’s hand on the tides was removed by knowledge.

    Then they pushed God further out, claiming this, that, blah blah,,and science makes each new discovery, and the idea of “God-mystery”, gets smaller as each mystery is explained.

    That is the “God of the Gaps”.. is when you don’t understand something, then it MUST be God.
    Nobody claims that when you light a match and the material burns,, that it’s GOD doing it. But Fire USED to be the hand of God. Now we know all about combustion,fuels, oxygen, and reactions between atoms, electrons, nucleus, etc.

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