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[The Establishment’s Own Ross Perot?] Trump Obliterates American News Media & Obama

from BirtherReportDotCom:

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10 comments to [The Establishment’s Own Ross Perot?] Trump Obliterates American News Media & Obama

  • Eric

    Donald Trump?

    TrumpGasm: CNN says “Donald Trump” 239 times in 24 hours | SUPERcuts! #213

  • tomche

    Egomaniac on steroids. Couldn’t take it more than a couple of minutes…

  • Loquito

    He only stayed on the issue of immigration. His points are simple but are we being distracted again? I’m Mexican – American born here in the states. I see so many distraction on the people of the United States, that it surprises me to see Trump run. Just like Obama was a surprise for everybody… I don’t vote and probably will never vote, because I voted for FREEDOM a long time ago. I see more of a distraction on this one. We’ll wait and see.

    Great site for truth, and big THANK YOU on your hard work SGT!

  • kate

    Donald Trump is so bogus. I listened to about 15 minutes. All I heard was hero worship type what a great guy am I? Don’t you all want to be like me? I can fix stuff cause I’m so great, smart, rich, don’t have to do this, got choices…etc. I actually think he might be the preferred candidate. Hilarity is a red herring. The people are going to think they are being radical voting for him. Well I’ve got news for you. He has been courting the American people for a long time. let us see….what are his virtues?…..He is rich, he is clever, he made himself rich by beating the other big guys. He’s the peoples million/billionare. Come on world, if they are on the media and they look like they can take on the establishment and win?…then they are supposed to be your better option. Open your eyes!!! When someone is touting how rich and clever he is, (hence how stupid and poor you are) as his best qualification for president, then you need to know you can do better.

    • Eric

      I am still assuming it will be Hillary. America always gets the president it deserves.

      • Just in case you guys are looking for solutions, the BitShares “follow my vote” team is partnering with the pirate party to change how elections are done and the transparency thereof.

        Within the next 2-10 years (depending on funding), we will have built a fully granular and local bottom-up ontology that enables us to pick representatives out of those we trust.

        So you dislike Obamacare? Vote against it directly or give your vote to someone you trust to have more understanding in the health care sector and similar philosophical beliefs.

        If any of you want to know more about it please tell sgt to consider chatting with me about it.

        I want everyone to be free–indeed I took an Oath to our Constitution for this very reason. But that means we need to learn and evolve faster than the system that is trying g to enslave us. So are we just going to complain and watch bad news all day or are we going to open our minds to the possibility that there MIGHT just be a better way already available to us…iif we just try it and participate?

        I have news for everyone here: who becomes president matters little these days. Even Rand Paul would have his hands tied and might even be murdered if he didn’t go alongt GGet alo g with the establishment. At best he would slow things down a bit. But if we all take the vote away from those who rig voting, and make our votes count on a local level, you would see some big changes overnight.

  • Sergio of the Jungle.

    Oh my gawd. America is so screwed. Hillary; sociopathic, psychopathic megalolamanic. Jeb; inbred dynastic mafioso plant. Rand :Paul; Quisling, bully and back-stabber. Donald, self-promoting loudmouthed, egotistical, un-statesmanlike show-boater and 20 other sociopaths in the wings. Not one of them promising to return to the laws and ideals of the republic. Totally lost in a sea of mediocraty and Hollywood dreams. So they’re going to make America great again and again and again….Yes they can.
    You’re ALL fired.

  • Brian

    Never vote in their rigged corporate selection again. The reason Obama does not need a birth certificate to be President is the same reason it does not matter where the CEO of McDonald’s is born. Because UNITED STATES INC is not a country its a corporation founded in the Center of London in 1871. Been voting on a computer screen have you ? By voting you are declaring yourself a minority share holder, nothing more. This is literally their slave count. The Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, even Ron Paul for that matter are presented to the semi awake to function as a lightning rod. They don’t care who you pull the lever for on the computer screen they rig, just as long as you do. Then they know your still on the hook and they can then rape you.

  • Sayldog

    7/11/15, Van Buren County, Michigan.
    Aurelio Hernandez-Gomez,who admitted to authorities that he had entered the United States illegally from Mexico, was arrested for the kidnapping and rape of a 13 year-old Florida girl.

    7/10/15, Muskegon, Michigan.
    Illegal alien Eliazar Rivas-Rodriguez, 29, sexually assaulted two 17 year-old girls in a water-park wave pool by repeatedly grabbing their crotches.

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