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UPDATE: The DHS & FEMA Plan For ‘Extremists’ & Gov’t Propaganda – Sponsored By The US Congress

UPDATE: We have not been able to verify “internment camps for extremists” in HR 2899. We regret running with this claim from the original article from Before Its News. Jeff Nielson sees HR 2899 this way: U.S. Creating a Ministry of Propaganda – and this from our friend Eric at News Doctors: “DHS and FEMA most certainly have plans to round-up “extremists” but H.R. 2899 and this new “office” it provisions looks to be focused on the information war… To really figure out what’s going on here, one of the things we need to do is find out what “sections 2003 and 2004” pertain to. When bills make oblique references like this, it’s really a pain in the neck to connect dots.”


Friends, as I have long lamented, the fascist overreach of the US Federal Government and our “Representatives” is moving faster than any one of us can possibly document. “It takes a village” as Hillary once famously quipped, to keep an eye on the Orwellian tyranny.

My friend Waldemar from Intercept Media e-mailed me with yet another troubling development about which I was unaware. The criminals in Washington have introduced a new Bill which WHEN passed will allow the US government to round up “radicalized” Americans. The Bill is H.R. 2899 The Countering Violent Extremism Act Of 2015, and hardcore red-white-and-blue, Boogey man is under your bed, Pentagon Kool-Aid drinking “Representatives” like Congressman Michael McCaul can’t wait to pass it in order to “protect” the “homeland” in this “generation long fight against terror,” as he puts it.

And guess which agencies will do the dirty work of rounding up these “pre-crime” extremists? The DHS and FEMA.

As Waldemar writes, “I feel like taking the first plane ticket out of here. Don’t know how much longer we are going to have free speech and blogs like yours. Unfortunately I don’t see a clear plan to counter this, but I do what we can to help even if does not make much difference. Heart breaking.

Friends, as most of you know, everything we are experiencing today is part of the orchestrated pre-9/11 plan, which is being carried out on the back of that horrific, traumatic day. And no one has explained the big picture of the Orwellian, world government, police state plan any better than the late Hollywood Producer Aaron Russo, a personal friend of Nick Rockefeller.

Waldemar has it right. The smart money is getting out – or has already gotten out of dodge. For those of us who know the truth about the creation and funding of ISIS, which has been recounted time and time again at SGT Report which you can read about here, here, and here, we rapidly find ourselves at a crossroads. We can stay, speak out and continue to try to educate our friends, neighbors and colleagues about the realities of false flag terrorism and the Big Brother Orwellian policies being made “law” as a result of such operations – all of which are leading to the complete collapse of our Republic. Or we can leave the country.

Here’s more from Before It’s News, and from Congressman McCaul himself:

The United States is headed in the direction of literally becoming Nazi Germany.

A bill is going through the House of Representatives known as H.R. 2899 The Countering Violent Extremism Act Of 2015.

This bill would give power to FEMA and DHS to to round up Americans who are radicalized or are becoming radicalized that they believe are a threat to the nation and put them in FEMA concentration camps.

Congressman McCaul Heritage Foundation Speech on “Terror Gone Viral”

Barack Hussein Obama would use this legislation to round up the tea party, christian conservatives, constitutionalists, military veterans, gun owners, libertarians and all freedom loving Americans and put them in FEMA concentration camps and be executed by all of the U.N. Forces that are here on american soil.

This bill was introduced and sponsored by Rep. McCaul, Michael T. [R-TX-10] on June 25, 2015.

Homeland Security latest Action on this bill was:07/15/2015 Ordered to be Reported (Amended) by Voice Vote.

For those who are still in doubt about what is happening in the US, here’s the text to this bill.

Text available as:

 Introduced in House (06/25/2015)

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61 comments to UPDATE: The DHS & FEMA Plan For ‘Extremists’ & Gov’t Propaganda – Sponsored By The US Congress

  • Eric

    Sounds like they’re getting ready to print up a butt ton of more shekels.

    • Either that, or destroy a good deal of the international liquidity before it comes flooding home. “They” have been known to do both throughout history, after all 😉

      Reading this document is like looking at a Dave Hodges article, only this time, with actual evidence! Who’da thunk it? Awesome find, even if its implications are not nearly so much.

  • Recently Retired Naval Officer

    Sean, this is as much for you as for anyone else… With everything that´s been happening lately, I see most American´s actions quite similiar to those of the passengers on the Titanic after strinking the iceberg, but with an added twist – the ship´s in the middle of a fierce hurricane.
    1. If you´re still living in a major US metropolitan area & in no way preparing, then you might as well be ¨dancing to the music of the band¨ as the ship lists 45 degrees.
    2. If you´re living in a major US metropolitan area but at least preparing for a SHTF scenario, then it´s like you´ve collected life vests for all your family members and then bunkered down in your stateroom ¨hoping for the best¨.
    3. If you´ve relocated your family & are now prepping in a remote area of the USA, then it´s like you´ve managed to reach and board another ship in the storm (at least it´s not taking on water through a huge gash in the hull).
    4. If you´ve relocated your family out of the ¨The Land of the Free¨(or better yet out of the Northern Hemisphere entirely), then it´s like you´ve managed to get on a rescue helicopter (surviving the risky flight) & have reached a vessel well outside of the path of the storm. While long-term safety is not a given, at least you´ve given your family the highest probability of surviving & thriving an uncertain future.

    • Howard Roark

      I remember this guy…”Mr. I got my huge ex contract killer pension and can afford to live pretty much anywhere I want.”

      Thanks for the tip “I got my blood money and I’m living comfortably in Central America heavy with other ex contract killers.”

      Your attempt at concern for others with poetic analogies rings hollow under the sobering FACT that you are more than an ex-pat, ex-military contract killer living off of the blood money paid(stolen from the productive) to you by your masters for years of NON-Productivity.

      And redirecting those blood money checks to your new Central American address you sit back and pass out “sage advice” to those who have led productive lives and whose daily bread and family depends on them staying put, unfortunately.

      thanks, but no thanks. When the Shit Hits, you won’t be unaffected and the locals who lead productive lives at a daily subsistence level and outnumber you 100 to 1, will seek the gringo out, who does not live like them.

      Now head off to the local ex-pats bar with your blood money and root on your favorite baseball team with rest of the hypocrites.

      • Recently Retired Naval Officer

        Damn you´re bitter and hateful! That jealously that I can do what you obviously cant and leave before the nukes go off in the ¨Land of the Free¨ is realy burnin you inside huh? Hey look at the bright side, maybe the FEMA camp where they put any surviving members of your family will be far enouh away from the radiation so that the cáncer won´t set-in for a few years. Do what you want, but you sound like the kind of A-hole that should probably get vaporized by the first Russian nuke – in your case I´d recommend NYC as the best place to live…

        • Howard Roark

          No bitterness, hatred or jealousy here, it’s just hard to take “advice” seriously from a benefactor of evil.

          Oh, I could leave and could’ve long ago if I didn’t give a shit about anyone but myself and WITHOUT being the recipient of monthly blood money payoffs.

          What did I say above that was “hateful” and wasn’t accurate?

          Ex-military, Ex-pat(CHECK);

          Living abroad on a blood money pension provided by the same people seeking the ruin of the very country he ran away from(CHECK);

          Providing obvious, supercilious “advice” while receiving escape money from the very players he presumably expects to start a nuclear conflagration(CHECK);

          “Earned” said pay-off providing a service no one really wanted given that his “pay” and blood money pension are extracted by force from the quickly dwindling productive class whose goods and services are desired voluntarily without threat of force and most of whom are stuck “here” for monetary or moral reasons(CHECK);

          And then relishing the demise and torture at the hands of his blood money benefactors of said person, all for simply pointing out the FACTS above(CHECK).

          I guess I can understand the truth sounding like “hate” to you though. Your conscience requires it, along with daily, long stretches of heavy drinking at the ex-pat bar you frequent.

          • Recently Retired Naval Officer

            Jealousy – check!
            Bitterness – check!
            Soon to rot in a FEMA Camp – check!

            hahaha, what a loser – you crack me up Howard…

            PS, they´ve now got your IPO 😉

            • Howard Roark

              I see no FACTS to support your rant, swabby?

              They have my Initial Public Offering?

            • Howard Roark

              Did you mean “ISP”, genius?

              • Recently Retired Navaal Officer

                Just needed you to respond again… I figured you´d fall for something that pathetic looser – hahaha! – Got your IP, expect a ¨visit¨ soon 😉

                • Howard Roark

                  Have you been drinking, isn’t it “Naval” and NOT “Navaal”?

                  “So now you’re threatening my life?

                  Let’s see if I’ve got this straight…you’ve gone from “concern” for all those who “haven’t left the Titanic”…to threatening my life?

                  So you want to kill me because I so accurately nailed who and what you are?

                  And while you are scared for yourself and those who haven’t gotten out….you’re more than willing to employ whatever gummint spook connections you still have to hunt me down and murder me because your feelings are hurt…is that about it?

                  Thank you for making my point for me so vividly!


                • SGT

                  No threats allowed here guys, this is embarrassing to all of us. I may just delete this entire thread at this point. Any more “veiled” or overt threats gets the offending writer blocked.

            • Howard Roark

              Your schoolyard tantrum rant tells me I hit the bulls eye, easy read.

  • hoff

    why do I get the sumption this is more for the IS like types living on US soil??

  • rl

    We are surrounded by idiots, halfwits, and complete retards welcoming the slavehood brought on by their leader freaks in suits who work for israhell, period. All the noise and hand ringing about this and the rest of it along with the hopium are a waste of time as they do exactly what they want selling lies and insanity to the their 100s of millions of flag waving fools who drink it up by the bucket load and allow all of it. So how many people are bringing the fight to you that you do not want?
    V asked where are the men.
    Sack up folks and quite crying about the sheep and the fools and your fellows who cant be reached. The herd that just wont get it are beyond help, cant handle it, and dont care as long as they got theirs and will turn on you and eat you alive when they are told to.
    As soon as they set any of this in motion at least in braod daylight, most likely with an ff, there will be a blackout of info and stealth in the night by them. Lenin, Stalin and their 200+ jew pals placed in power did the same with tinker toys compared to today and killed 60 million and the people welcomed it and did it for them.

    Grab your nads time is here because it is happening here, and begin seeing and facing what real men will have to do when life or death is at their door wearing some official costume or part of his sanctioned rightious mob. Solzhenitzen said they shuffled off and took it rather then beat the door knockers with a hammer, a pot, or whatever because it really wasnt going to be that bad, was it. And if they only knew… well, you know and had better look well behind the veil at who and what wants you broke dead and gone just like the millions that have thought otherwise and been put in the bone yard before you.
    This alt game is engineered no different then the rest so get off the train and run to some island or sack up and realize that the person or thing you are not allowed to talk about is in fact the one who has the most to hide as they run their show of death and destruction. Or continue in vien these attempts at blame finding and shifting that serves no one but the master of the game and his cronies.
    Either way the plan has always been to have you neutered and gone “men” so stand up an deal with it when end game comes or rant on as is your freedom still means anything to anyone in power.
    The jokes on you too my friends.

  • Paul Prichard

    If no one believes their bulls**t any more then this will just be another piece of toilet paper with a law written on it.

  • mark s mann

    Without the efforts of people like Sean / SGT and Waldemar, treason of this type would largely go unnoticed, and don’t think for a minute that the “powers that be” don’t know that.

    THIS latest act of treason by McCaul….this a perfect example of why nothing will ever change in this country, until what is left of the “men” find their balls and VIOLENTLY overthrow these criminals. Yes…I said it. VIOLENTLY. NSA kiss my ass if are reading this.


    And for all of you assholes who always say “Move to Texas, its so great here, and we are the land of the free”…. If Texas, or the sad sacks of shit who call themselves “Patriots’ that live in Texas…(you know, the ones walking into malls and restaurants with AR-15’s because its their right to do so) Where is all of the outrage from you people that one of your own introduced this bill? Why is this scumbag McCaul not being bombarded with demands for his removal from office by all of the “Patriots” in Texas???

    The more these pieces of shit get away with acts of treason like this, the more they feel they can get away with anything. That is why things are happening so fast now, and why everything is so “in your face” and why they don’t even bother to hide things like gross market manipulation anymore. BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING/ NO ONE LEFT TO STOP THEM, AND THEY FEEL THAT THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING.

    If people like us want our country back, the sad ass truth is that we are going to have to TAKE!!! it back. Anything short of that is a fantasy. For those who think it can be done by a “change of consciousness”, let’s see what your “consciousness” is going to be when you are sitting in a cage at your local FEMA re-education camp.

    The American people, through their apathy, greed, selfishness, laziness and ignorance have made it possible for the criminals in our government and financial system to literally pull the rug right out from their feet, and when and if they do finally wake up, the crushing totalitarian grip of these treasonous criminals around your our throats will be so severe, the only option left for any resistance will be violence.

    History if full of examples of how this happens, and unfortunately the only thing we ever learn from history is….nothing at all.

    • Howard Roark

      There’s something even simpler, non-violent and FAR more effective.


      Because chances are if you’re unwilling to do even that, you’ll never pick up a gun to defend yourself on ANY level.

      • mark s mann


        I would agree with you, but its just not that simple. Being realistic, the vast majority of people on a W-2 have no control over withholding.

        I used to agree with what you are saying till I found out how many people actually pay the bulk of taxes in this country as of today.

        Unless you want to become the equivalent of an illegal alien, good luck with that.

        • Howard Roark

          It’s VERY realistic, I’ve been doing it for over 25 years.

          Being an active member of the “vast majority” I can tell you, you’re wrong.

          You change your withholding status on the “W-4” to “EXEMPT”.

          Before you scoff, tell me, have you even tried?? Do you still and have you ALWAYS filed???

          Is it easy? No. Is it necessary? Yes!

          Unless a major plurality are willing to due that one last and final peaceful step in civil disobedience your fantasy of “violent overthrow” is EXACTLY that…pure fantasy. No one that isn’t willing stop filing and paying won’t EVER suddenly become “Rambo”

          And good luck with THAT.

          • bob


            You really should not change your withholding status on the W-4 to “EXEMPT” unless you certify that you meet both of the conditions on the W-4 form. You should instead claim 9 exemptions like I did some years.

            • Howard Roark

              Nope, the excessive exemptions game can get you “charged” with “evasion” and now “they” have a specific division that sends out “BOO!” letters to “employers” to change back any exemptions that exceed “1”.

              The whole games resolves around the “status” “citizen of the United States”…anyone who claims that or doesn’t challenge that Title18 fictional status falls under “public rights doctrine” and is toast.

              Too much to go into in this format, but thanks Bob.

          • bob


            Are you saying that for over 25 years you have not filed a tax return when you were required to? And that you owed income taxes and did not pay them, similar to what Ann Barnhardt did who got caught and had her money taken from her because she was stupid enough to leave it in the bank?

            • Howard Roark

              I was under no known legal duty, no.

              No, not at all. Yes, I haven’t filed in over 25 years.

              But, not in the same vein as Ann Barnhardt, although I share her reasons completely.

              She wanted to make a public statement, I respect that. I think she should’ve gone about it differently, but she took a stand.

              She didn’t run away from the evil she continues collecting blood money from.

              She has too much character. I respect that very much.

              • bob

                Disagree strongly about Ann Barnhardt. In the videos that I have seen she either states things that are not true or she rants and raves using profanity while mentioning God. She pisses and moans about what is going on in her silly life. She is one of the worst in the ALT media world.

          • Ed_B

            Heh, not that those who have the printing press actually NEED our money, of course. They can print all that is necessary. They only tax us as a method of controlling us. But they left themselves a lot of loopholes in all this tax BS and it is possible to find and make use of some of them. Once a person is only making an amount that is just below that which is taxed, no more taxes will be paid by them.

        • Eric

          Don’t lose it just yet guys. One thing I have learned is things are almost never as they seem.

          It’s possible this is being used to strip the dual Israeli/US citizens of their US citizenship. It’s also quite possible Israel no longer has the ability to control their Iron Dome defense system…

          There is also speculation that the Queen is dead and hasn’t been seen lately…

          Now, huff and puff all you want. Get all emotional. Call BS if you like. But you can’t deny more are waking up to the tyranny, as slow as it is. And the more that “get it,” the less control they have over us.

          • Howard Roark

            Indeed, I agree completely, Eric!!!

            • long john silver


              You make so much sense, but you have to understand that the population has been indoctrinated to be obedient and do as they are told.. They have also laced everything with estrogen to make all the men cowards.. the fluoride in the water has lowered the IQ of the population.. The founding fathers said fuk you to their overlords.. And yet Haven’t we had enough? The Stockholm syndrome in full operation, we are being poisoned, lied to, and robbed, but Rah Rah Rah, America, BTW, who is the starting pitcher tonight? hehehe We love you masters!!

              • long john silver

                they will also keep on enacting new laws to oppress us, because we let them, we are very obedient slaves.. Rah Rah Rah, where is my flag?

              • mark s mann


                Paying taxes does not mean anything anymore. What don’t you understand about the fact that these people have unlimited financial power? Are you under the illusion that if enough people don’t pay that that the powers that be will broke? Come on man….we are already broke, and yet here we are.

                Its not about who pays what. Its about installing the right people in our government who actually represent the working middle class, who just happened to be the people who made America great. Not the 1% or those who are leaches on society. The political process in this country needs massive reform, and the results speak for themselves. Garbage in, garbage out.

                No one is advocating being “Rambo” so stop taking what I say to the extreme because it makes you sound like a moron. There are plenty of vets, active duty military, police and adequately trained civilians who could do the dirty work if the right people / leadership came along to oust the current regime.

                Most people (politicians and bankers included) don’t do the right thing because it’s the law, or because they actually want to do the right thing. They do the right thing because they are afraid of the consequences if they get caught.

                Well Howard….there are no more consequences. No One goes to jail, no one gets fired, no one admits wrong doing.

                If and only when we get back to being a society that does not reward, endorse and harbor white collar crimes against the American people, and we make a punishment actually fit a crime instead of letting the criminals go to Club Fed for a few months and let them keep 80% of their stolen loot, maybe things might change for the better.

                • long john silver


                  I disagree with you on the tax issue, the reason we are where we are is because he have been trained to be obedient, and the implication of paying your taxes, is to let you know who is the boss.. The people were to be above the government, but we have now been trained to obey the government, so it is not the money that they collect, but the power they yield..

                • Recently Retired Naval Officer

                  Mark, you have to understand who you´re dealing with here – we can see quite clearly from his comments that ¨Howard¨ is not a well man (or as you said, ¨A Moron¨). The truth is that the central bankers could care less if a loser like Howard pays taxes on his tiny miserable getto income – they dont need our money, at this stage in the game they can print all the fiat they want.

              • Eric

                Wait till they lose all their “money.”

                They might start asking questions then.

                • Howard Roark

                  Blood money ex-contract killer has reverted to the mean, arrested developed, 10-year-old child.

                • Howard Roark


                  I understand the game, well.(Read “Creature from Jeckyll Island”)

                  They still need to steal as much as possible to maintain the purchasing power, if they printed it all the game would be up quick.

                  And sure they care about all refuse-nics, remember “A Bug’s Life”…”if just one ant gets away with it, they all will and there goes our way of life!”

                  “Leaders” aren’t the answer, nor are “(S)elections”…if a large plurality, stopped paying, obeying, asking permission and voting, the whole rotten thing would collapse without a shot being fired.

                  That’s a FACT

          • Ed_B

            No huffing, puffing, or emotional outburst here. Just a cool, calm, and collected analysis of the world as it is today. Since about 99.99% of it cannot be affected by us individuals at all, I hereby call a “citizen holiday”. This is like a bank holiday except that instead of having a lot of BS dumped onto us, we shove some of that right back up the big pipe that comes out of DC and the 50 state capitols. We do that, as others have suggested, simply by not joining in with it, by rejecting it, by removing our assets from their little rat-claw hands so that it won’t be available when the dirty rat-bastard banksters decide that a bail-in is necessary. Always remember this: IF THEY CAN’T FIND IT, THEY CAN’T STEAL IT 🙂

  • nycjeff

    as an idea, I wonder if you could do an SGT Report essentials disk. Something along the lines of how James Corbett has data dvds of some of his content. It might make it easier to create an .iso and distribute via torrent or actual disc copies in the event that there begins to be an internet crackdown.
    just a thought.

    • Ed_B

      Great idea, nycjeff. If I can add my 2 cents to this, please make sure that the bulk of those files are in PDF format so that they can be printed out and kept in a 3-ring binder. When the SHTF, there won’t be an Internet or electricity in many places, so a nicely printed hard copy would be great.

  • Dante

    Whether it’s this bill or some other is irrelevant. Executive orders and other provisions already exist to do these very things, and have existed even before the Kenyan King was selected to occupy the Scheisse House. So there’s nothing new here, other than a renewed sense of urgency to what most of us probably view as an inevitability.

    Initially, these draconian measures will likely be painted as something that targets “Muslim extremists”. As such count on Joe Sixpack to proudly serve as patriotic cheerleader, oblivious to the true intentions of whatever law or order is activated.

    After a couple of trial runs that target brown people, it will become perfectly clear who the TRUE targets are. Joe Sixpack, always loyal to “his” government, will remain steadfast in his support. “The Tea Party has gone to far!”, he’ll tell his family and co-workers. “They’re no different than ISIS, we’ve gotta stop them dead in their tracks!”, others will scream. One false flag after another will keep such people firmly entrenched in the mass hypnosis. Most will be screaming for vengeance, just as they did in the post-911 days. United We Stand. Remember? Nothing has changed.

    It’s for this reason that I take exception to the belief by some that there must be a violent overthrow of some kind. While I certainly don’t oppose such an idea out of principle, I do oppose it out of practicality and sensibility. OFFENSIVE use of violence is the very thing they’re counting on, the very thing that will justify the extractions, the very thing that will keep the 90% shouting “USA!, USA!”, as the badged thugs conduct the neighborhood sweeps. Think Boston, magnified by 1000.

    It seems logical to me that they will attempt to usher in these measures before any real fireworks begin on the economic front. The more people that become disenchanted due to a collapsing economy, the less support they will ultimately have. Therefore, it’s reasonable to assume that they will continue to ramp up the false flags in preparation for the round-ups. Seems to me we’ve been witnessing this very thing for some years now, but I have no doubt they have plenty of sick tricks up their sleeve that will provide the shock effect they’ve been waiting for.

  • I can agree with a lot of what is being said in the comments. The idea of not paying your mortgage or your taxes or some other form (that hurts) of civil disobedience would be the way to go in my opinion (it was thru civil disobedience that we pushed the US NAVY out of its bombing range in the Caribbean. Many people went to jail but we prevailed at least in that particular fight. However, (I hate to use this phrase but it makes sense), absent a catalyzing event, that’s not going to happen any time soon (I could only wish). All revolts start and ends in the mind of the public which is the ultimate weapon in their arsenal (and the scariest). It is heart breaking how many selfish people in churches and political parties keep their mouths shut and live life like that’s not their problem. I put together the “Mainstream Media as a Military Weapon” (see my Verify Events Youtube channel) presentation because they know once their lies get exposed it is game over, its happening and they know they are running out of time. Now, the 64k question is how to best reach the remaining 80% in the little time we have, or let say if we can reach another 20%. I know, you have to account for the fanatics and the mentally retarded (dems and reps above 60), but 30-40% can drive change especially with people in the police force and the military. I make videos and send info to everyone I can but people don’t have much time to stay up to speed with their busy lives. Remember, its ALL ABOUT PUBLIC OPINION and this is an information battle. Shit I even sent information about MSM lies to local “news” orgs from time to time. I do what I can to help but I feel like leaving sometimes (not realistic for me right now). If time is on our side I think it can be done, but that is the big IF. I welcome any ideas you guys may have to reach out to the public.

  • mark s mann

    This thread is also a perfect example of why nothing will ever change, and why the America as we knew it is finished. It’s all over but the crying.

    I say this because here you have a group of people here who are generally well informed about the issues / problems, and are generally like minded, …however even they can’t agree on how to solve problems without turning into assholes against each other while turning the whole discussion into a shit show. Congratulations Assholes!!! Well done….as usual. At least you are consistent. I’ll give you that.

    • Ed_B

      Let us not tar everyone with one huge brush here, Mark. It IS possible to be civil whether or not we agree with each other. In fact, some might call that the essence of civilization. 🙂

    • Howard Roark

      No melodrama required, Mark.

      I understand the game, well.(Read “Creature from Jeckyll Island”)

      They still need to steal as much as possible to maintain the purchasing power, if they printed it all the game would be up quick.

      And sure they care about all refuse-nics, remember “A Bug’s Life”…”if just one ant gets away with it, they all will and there goes our way of life!”

      “Leaders” aren’t the answer, nor are “(S)elections”…if a large plurality, stopped paying, obeying, asking permission and voting, the whole rotten thing would collapse without a shot being fired.

      That’s a FACT

    • Howard Roark

      Just quit filing and be willing to be happy with 3 meals and a roof. No bravado, no egos…just DO IT and the shit ends.

      But that’s my point, too few up to now have been willing to do that!!!

      So unless that happens, yes, we are done.

      But no shooting is required, just devotion to what is REALLY important.

      • Recently Retired Naval Officer

        My very genuine concern is for decent people, not jealous and bitter ones like you. That said, while I was in no way threatening your life, at this point I must admit that I find you quite dislikeable. What you perceived as a threat, was merely a way of informing you that you will soon be attracting a bit more ¨scrutiny¨ from our friends over at the IRS – I thought they would find quite interesting the fact that you declare yourself ¨EXEMPT¨ from paying taxes. I suppose if you´re not breaking the law, then you have nothing to fear… Well, the ball game´s about to start so I better get back to using my ¨blood money¨ to continue my binge drinking at the local expat bar – you crack me up, looser! In any case, best of luck at the FEMA camp 😉

        • Howard Roark

          They know WELL who I am. Unlike you I’m not afraid to confront them and have dozens of times. I’ve taken the time to study and understand the evils of the slave game.

          I find it sadly typical that a lifelong recipient of the spoils of evil would seek out that evil hoping to to direct against someone with whom they disagree.

          And your measure of “loser”(not, “looser”, drink much?) based on filthy, blood soaked fiat in the pocket or bank is again typical, sadly so.

          And I know, I don’t “crack” you up…I hit the mark square on which why you degenerated this thread into veiled threats and wishing torturous harm on me.

          You are the textbook “I got mine” gummint employee.

        • Howard Roark

          “I suppose if you´re not breaking the law, then you have nothing to fear…”

          Whose “law”, the gummint’s “law”. The same gummint you ran away from because you’re afraid of it’s evil and yet you find it’s “law” legitimate?

          Tell that to all the victims of murder by cop or the infant that was burned with a flash bang grenade by “law enforcement” after they got a warrant based of a false affidavit…

          You’re pathetic…but hey, you “got yours”

          • Recently Retired Naval Officer

            You should have saved your harsh judgement for someone who doesn´t agree with 99% of the same things you do (I also enjoyed G Edward Griffin´s book) – sadly, your bitterness and jealousy that ¨I got mine¨ won´t ever let you admit that. FYI, I neither drink nor do drugs, but yes while I don´t allow the ¨locals¨ to see it, I am indeed quite well off. Hopefully after the reset I´ll be able to return to the USA and use my huge stash of physical PM´s to help rebuild our country. Maybe I´ll even help people like you that might survive what´s coming in one of the FEMA camps. In any case, it´s been fun comunicating with you (we can continue on another article if you like), I doubt anyone else is reading this except you, so I won´t be back to read your response either – this is my last post here. Best of luck with the IRS! 😉

            • Howard Roark

              Money has never been important to me. I wouldn’t want what you have given the manner in which you obtained it.

              I just find bug out advice from someone living off of the same evil that caused him to bug out in the first place rather hollow and hypocritical.

              You love your “stuff”, THAT is your “freedom” and you have no principles that would cause you discard it.

              You’ll help no one and “rebuild” nothing, you care for nothing other than your comfort, your sarcastic, passive-aggressive well wishing not withstanding.

              I think your a coward.

    • Recently Retired Naval Officer

      Mark (and Sean), go back and look at the comments and their associated date/time of posting, you´ll see that the I was merely responding to an attack. I normally don´t let individuals like ¨Howie¨ get under my skin in this fashion causing me to respond in this way, but I clearly remember this clown from previous threads. I understand that he speaks from a position of resentment and jealousy (and probably hopelessness), so I probably should have ignored him… To you and all others on this thread, I apologize for my part in letting this conversation degenerate like it did. Sadly Mark, I think you are correct in that things are not going to change – well actually they will, but it will be for the worse…

      • SGT

        Guys, this in-fighting is what dooms us. it’s the sme thing that largely derailed the 9/11 truth movement. We can’t survive what’s coming if we can’t even get along in the comments – especially when we are all 95%+ in agreement with each other on most of the key issues. And by the way, I really do regret posting this one, God Bless.

    • rl

      Assholes rein supreme everywhere you look and everywhere you go too Mark.
      Keyboard toughguys too. And like Mike Tyson said, ‘everyones a tough guy and has a plan until they get hit in the mouth’. Nothing will change just as you said and no fear, none, zero is what it is all about anyway as woe is me is spun from all of this ‘news’. And the woven myth that every thin skinned wimp and moron is entitled to an opinion with a free pass is all part and parcel of the engineered shit show of today.
      Assholes, toughguys, wimps and morons with a mouth, an opinion, and a plan. Sure…

  • Sadly, I find myself overreacting and getting angry at everybody sometimes. It is too much for me some days I must admit. However, the key in my opinion is to recognize our mistakes and our humanity and move forward. Emotions are part of the game and part of who we are. Let’s reach out to everyone, we are dealing with a tremendous task in front of us. Let’s stay together guys.

  • Dante

    You won’t hear any romantic b.s. from me about “saving the Republic.” It’s all about self-preservation now. This is all there is left that’s worth saving, I’m truly sorry to say. If people can’t even be civil with one another on a sight like this, how can they be depended on or trusted when the SHTF?

    • Howard Roark

      Don’t be so melodramatic, Dante

      One can’t depend on someone that has bolted to Central America financed by the very evil that seeks to destroy those of us that remain.

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