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The Abortion Holocaust: 60 Million Black Babies Killed Since 1973

by RonPaul2008dotcom:

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3 comments to The Abortion Holocaust: 60 Million Black Babies Killed Since 1973

  • Eric

    hmmmm 60 million. That sure is a lot more than the 600 trillion jews that supposedly got gassed and lampshaded at auschwitz.

  • gryphonv8

    so what, who was gonna take care of 60 milion babies? their dysfunctional parents?

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    Ahhhh yes,, just what EVERY country or city really needs,, 60 million more, wonderful, productive, kind, gentle, intelligent, Law abiding, soft spoken, “AFRIKKAN AMERIKKANS”.

    Just think,, when every place in the world,, is populated by 80% Africans,, we can ALL be just like Ferguson, Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Somalia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, LA, etc etc.

    Abortion is NOT banned by even the MOST Stict Jewish groups (it’s LEGAL) from THIS verse in the Bible,, GOD’s Law about “unborn baby’s status as a NOT a living person, soul or life”.
    Exodus 21;22

    If two men strive, (fighting) and hurt a woman with child, so that there is a miscarriage, and yet no mischief follows: he (the man who punched or kicked the pregnant belly) shall be surely punished (but NOT executed), according as the woman’s husband will lay upon him; and he shall pay as the judges determine.

    According to ALL of God’s Laws, if you wrongly take a life, the punishment MUST be death… but if you “Damage valuable PROPERTY-Possessions”,, you PAY MONEY compensation.
    So, ,according to the miscarriage-abortion, the “unborn child is NOT a life,,but is just PROPERTY-Possessions and carries some monetary value, but nobody can make the abortionist be put to death, or even put into jail.
    The Jews don’t try to tell God how to change his view of things,, they just accept the way that GOD sees it.

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