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from The Burning Platform:

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  • Rob

    Nice, Respectful,Legally correct.
    Any excellent esquire would tell you > Never talk to the police,they or the state or federal prosecutor can twist even the truth so bite your lip….(softly).

    These cards should be mass produced and dropped like confetti from aircraft across the planet.

    The problem lies in police not being held accountable kinda like the banks.
    You let gangs ripoff humanity they, will keep doing it if they are not held accountable
    Those groups have proven that scientifically .

    If you do not have a card like above,it also can help your case to start out by saying

    ‘Officer with due respect to the police department and you I, am advised not to answer questions which is my legal right until I have obtained and am represented by my attorney.

    If the officer is not a thug he will not have a problem with that….usually

  • Dante

    In these perilous, hero worship is not an option. Just ask those who lived under the thumb of the Stasi how they handled it.

    I have made every effort never to speak with a police officer unless absolutely necessary, and never to converse with them casually (which is when you tend to let your guard down). Furthermore, I avoid acknowledging their presence by choosing not making eye contact when passing one by or when I’m in the same proximity as one.

    I’m sure others feel likewise, and for the same reason. Namely, the trust factor, something that was betrayed a long time ago, and something that can never be mended for the simple reason that, generally speaking, they view themselves as the predator and the citizen as the prey. This unfortunate trait is engrained in them, even if some of them are not consciously aware of it.

    I have no desire to be rude, challenging or confrontational with police officers, but only to remain completely separate from them when at all possible. It’s called self-preservation.

  • Hondo Stalwart

    Good post.

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