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“Something else” is Driving Gold: The Banksters

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

When I saw the headline (at Basher Central) that “something else” was “driving the gold market” other than the Greek crisis and China-phobia, I briefly entertained the thought that we were going to get some sort of confession from the Criminals. Silly me!

What was the “revelation” we received from a lying shill for the CME Group (i.e. its senior economist)? That the reason why gold/silver prices have been ridiculously depressed (suppressed) for the last four years is because of “increasing mine supply”. This is where the propaganda machine needs to start including its own “laugh track” to these interviews — so we know when to laugh, ourselves, when these Liars say something really, really stupid.

“Increasing mine supply” is causing the depression in prices???

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