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Silver & Gold Price: The Breakdown with Mike Maloney

from WhyGoldandSilver:

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3 comments to Silver & Gold Price: The Breakdown with Mike Maloney

  • long john silver

    Mike has made some decent calls in the past, and this video is making plenty of sense, at least from my point of view, maybe time to bring him on as a guest again, or possibly Clive Maund. The Canadian dollar is also dropping in turn keeping Gold in the 1400’s, so if Gold drops to 850 or so, and the canadian dollar drops to 60 or so, makes us somewhere near the bottom up here in Canada today..

  • Craig it's all gone

    Mental exercise-analogy.
    Think of PM’s as the world’s supply of antibiotics.

    The manufacturers sell lots of contracts for future delivery at low prices,, but then, all of a sudden,, there is a huge outbreak of Black Plague, Cholera, etc etc.

    And the pharmacies run OUT of every antibiotic they had in stock and the manufacturers are still selling contracts (IOU’s) for more future deliveries.

    What will happen,, is a bottle FILLED with REAL antibiotics (Physical),, will skyrocket in price while the paper iou’s are fully available but a piece of paper won’t cure anything.

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