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Rob Kirby: We Are Coming Into End Of Times

from The Daily Coin:

The gold smash going on right now reeks of desperation…the manipulation has become utterly in your face.  It tells me we’re getting close the end when you have the likes of John Hathaway and Ross Norman starting to talk the gospel of GATA. These guys over the years have literally sniveled at GATA and told us we were tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists.  

And now these guys are reading out of the GATA book and that’s a mind-blower and this tells me this is close to blowing up.  – Rob Kirby, Shadow of Truth

I was chatting this morning with a close friend in NYC who I know going back to my days as a junk bond trader at Bankers Trust.  He works as a consultant to investment/hedge funds now and is extremely perceptive in his insights about what is going on in the financial markets.

I asked him what he’s hearing from some of the big hedge fund managers he calls on every week:

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2 comments to Rob Kirby: We Are Coming Into End Of Times

  • jeff

    What this appears to be is capital controls. When a commodity is scarce and continues to be increasingly scarce, but the price continues to drop and is constantly manipulated down by unseen global forces at the most negative time. This is control of a commodity that is a bell weather of trouble. This points to trouble in the system and therefore must be kept reined in just like the banks in Greece closed and only allowed 60 euros a day to be withdrawn. It is the exact same thing. When people begin to trade in their dollars for precious metals it endangers the system itself. Most crucially when the system is imperiled

  • Paul T

    Man, I love listening to Rob Kirby talk about this insanity. He just doesn’t hold anything back. He’s never afraid to call out individuals and just straight up tell it like it is. He is one of the best. As I say with Peter Schiff, when Rob Kirby talks, people need to shut up and listen. Very smart man.

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