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Regime-Change Assault on Greece Will Backfire; It’s the Trans-Atlantic System that is Set To Explode

from LaRouchePAC:

The Troika and allied European heads of state have all fallen in line behind a suicidal scheme to use the upcoming Sunday referendum in Greece to overthrow the Tsipras government. This is the significance of the across-the-board refusal to take up the Greek government’s letter to the Troika on Tuesday night, proposing a major debt write-down, and modified economic reforms, based on the weekend proposal by the European Union. Schaeuble, Merkel, Renzi, and Hollande all rejected the Greek proposal out of hand, and following a conference call among EMU finance ministers, it was formally announced that there would be no discussions with Greece prior to the Sunday referendum. The financial media, led by the Financial Times, put out a string of fraudulent stories, all aimed against Greek Prime Minister Tsipras, including wild claims that Greek voters were turning against the government. The kind of regime change that was most recently employed in Ukraine, featuring military-style black propaganda, is now being unleashed inside the EU against Greece.

Lyndon LaRouche commented on Wednesday that this swindle is going to backfire against the relevant parties leading this attack on Greece.

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