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Reader Response To Gary Hart

by Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics:

Before I post a couple of excellent responses, I wanted to put Gary Hart’s comments in context. First, he is and always will be a politician. Therefore his personal views will have an element of “lipstick beautification” applied. By default at his core he – like all politicians – tries to be a people-pleaser. But having said that, I applaud Hart’s courage for offering an honest and brutal assessment of the current political and economic system. He is the first politician – including Ron Paul – who has been willing to publicly condemn our Government as being outright “corrupt.” Name one other politician who has used that specific word. My hat’s off to any politician who is willing to do that.

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2 comments to Reader Response To Gary Hart

  • Sherrie

    James Traficant comes to mind. Gary Hart waited a long time as well as years after he’d left office to speak up and spell out the corruption going on in government, it was going on while he was in office, did he speak out then? This is not a new issue, new extremes yes but nothing new whereas (and while still in office), Ron Paul laid it out in front of us, exposing the wrongs of government without using the exact word… corruption. It’s a shame people have lost their ability for critical thinking and can’t seem to figure out what is going on unless someone uses exact wording. Louis McFadden was another one who attempted to call out the corruption, he faced assassination attempts, JFK warned us of the secret societies etc. and we all know how well he faired. While I am pleased Gary Hart has spoken out, he’s a bit late stepping up to the podium with his revelations.

    • Ed_B

      Agreed. Gary Hart has NO skin in the political game at this time, so harsh words come easily to those who won’t be suffering the consequences of such comments.

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