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New “Male Privilege Tax” Supported by Feminists Who Want Men’s Income Taxed More Than Women’s!!!

from Mark Dice:

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8 comments to New “Male Privilege Tax” Supported by Feminists Who Want Men’s Income Taxed More Than Women’s!!!

  • scott

    This guys videos are getting old. Having been in the advertising business these videos are surely edited for highest entertainment value. Besides, who cares, we can’t do anything about it. “We the people” are not in charge. This fairy-tale is coming to an end.

    • PTS

      Yes, it is quite obvious that Dice edits his videos. One does not need to be in the advertising business to recognize that. I mean, think about it, he’s probably standing out there with his clipboard for somewhere around an hour each time as he tries to get people to sign his “petitions.” Do you REALLY want to watch an entire hour of raw footage, or do you appreciate that he condenses his work into 4 or 5 minute summaries?

      And if you’re claiming that he’s merely editing to show only the stupid people, while he cuts out the many who are “awake,” I’d have to disagree with that. Every now and then he DOES come across someone who has a clue, that particular individual is highlighted in his video, and Dice is genuinely happy to find someone who has the capacity to actually THINK before signing his moronic petition.

      Check out around 4:20 in this video:

      • Anon

        NOT MY COOKER!!!

        Thanks for the post of this it was great for a laugh but the “All American” I’ve been after has an MSRP of $365… a bit pricey for for use in mayhem. Although, a fine culinary accessory to can soups and stews, and a deal on amazon for $231 and change.

    • Matt

      Solution = I suggest you not watch his videos.
      Dice is not the greatest, but he does have some interesting stuff.
      If you can do better, perhaps you could make some of your own videos instead!

    • Troy

      I am with you there…his video’s are not for me, I don’t watch them anymore.

  • Paul T

    People just love to hate Mark Dice but the man’s only showing the truth. Yeah, I’m sure he edits his videos to make it seem like every single person is stupid but these idiots really are out there. I look at his videos as mostly entertainment but there is truth to what he’s trying to show here. He’s trying to show how dumb a lot of Americans have become through a little entertainment angle. That’s my take on it.

  • Praxis

    I’m an editor and I think MD does a great job. It’s always a point he’s making with his tongue deep in his cheek and if anyone doesn’t like it, try reading a bit of Mark Twain. That’s all anyone can ask. He was the Mark Dice of his day by leaps and bounds.

  • Ed_B

    ““Male Privilege Tax” Supported by Feminists Who Want Men’s Income Taxed More Than Women’s!!!”

    Wow. Just when you think that the feminazis can’t get any more idiotic, they exceed ALL expectations. Insert eye-roll here.

    Sexism is a lot like racism. We either have them or we do not have them. There is NO such thing as reverse racism or reverse sexism. Like pregnancy, they either are or are not. There is nothing in between. I vote that we do not have them… at all. Unfortunately, there are just too many people who make a much better living through them that they otherwise could not achieve to let them go. Al Sharpton would be a small town preacher if not for whatever it is that he supposedly does as a “black leader”. If racism were to end tomorrow, he would be out of a very lucrative job. Same for Jesse Jackson and a large cadre of so-called “feminists”. My wife laughs at these idiots. She would not put up with being a “victim” for one damned second. Anyone trying to force that on her would very quickly learn that she would not accept that. She thinks that the entire feminist movement is demeaning to women because the feminists apparently think that these idiotic organizations, such as NOW, are necessary. They aren’t. All that women need is competence. When a person has that, they need nothing else because they will provide all that they need for themselves. Such organizations exist, by and large, for the benefit of the incompetent among us.

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