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MUST HEAR: Texas Gold Repatriation & Its New GOLD-BACKED BANK!! — Texas Rep. Capriglione

[Ed. Note: To those of you who believe there’s not much we can do to topple the tyranny of the federal government, please pay extra close attention to this one.]

from Tru News, via VisionLiberty:

Texas Representative Giovanni Capriglione reveals to the Trunews audience a stunning new revelation about the Texas gold depository that will be built soon.

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47 comments to MUST HEAR: Texas Gold Repatriation & Its New GOLD-BACKED BANK!! — Texas Rep. Capriglione

  • Great news, better late than never.
    I realize you are busy Sean but I think you should go on on Rick Wile’s “Tru News”. His audience who love the the Lord would do well to know about SGT Report.

    • SGT

      Thanks Kim, Steeler & Dissolution, Craig, fulcher Dante, KS, Chuck & Paul, appreciate your feedback. I really enjoy Rick’s style of interviewing, he actually LISTENS whihc makes his questions better than so many others. And this one was a home run. Thanks for sharing it – and for commenting here.

  • Steelerdude

    Great post SGT…wow, this is great stuff…it definitely points out why you need to keep stacking gold as well as silver…because you will need to put in the Texas bank.

    You dont own any gold and the dollar crumbles, you SOL!

  • Dissolution

    As I was listening to my daily dose of Rick Wiles, I thought wow, I wonder if I should let SGT know about this one. But Sean is on his game! Good choice of posts. In my humble opinion, TruNews is a must post daily! (I’d rather see TN than Hagmann, for what it’s worth).

  • fulcher

    Great heads-up…..Thanks
    I emailed my state officials suggesting that they look into this legislation.

  • Craig it's all gone

    I listed to the interview, and the sad part, is that these “right minded people”, are working at a “snail’s pace” and I foresee that they will NEVER get their gold because it’s gonna be TOO late and ALL gone before they can do all these SLOW STEPS of making their “Gold Depository”.

    They have to setup funding for construction, then they have to put the job up for bidding for it to be built, and then the contractors have to begin construction, blah blah blah. YEARS wasted.

    They SHOULD just drive their trucks up there (escorted by a GOOD sized number of Texas Rangers and/or State Guard, etc.) Texas has possession of ALL kinds of secure buildings that can be used while they wait to finish the process.

    But you should still be HOLDING your own gold while you are waiting,, you should NOT be letting the CRIMINALS hold your money while you set up a plan to take possession of it a few years down the road.

    I don’t care if Texas has to stack the gold on the ground in the middle of the Astro Dome and put a bunch of Razor wire around it,, lights, and 200 Texas Rangers to stand guard over it.

    So as long as they are FLAPPING their lips and NOT trucking it home,, it’s going to end up being absolutely nothing.

    The more I listened to them, they’re going to get one company to store it, another company to protect it,, put out a public bid for this and that… etc. NEVER forget the SOUTH PARK episode.

    AAAND it’s GONE.

    Every Stacker KNOWS,, if it’s NOT in your hands,, then YOU don’t own it. And right now,, Texas’s gold is NOT in their hands,, so Texas does NOT own any gold… Texas owns some paper IOU crappy pieces of paper.

    • Sure, all HSBC has to do is ship the gold to London, Hong Kong or elsewhere and the U.S. Justice Department and NY state AG do not hold bankers criminally responsible.

    • Ed_B

      I completely agree with your idea of getting the gold NOW and then letting the politics and construction issues be worked out AFTER they have the gold in their possession. A National Guard armory could be a suitable place and could we well guarded by troops with heavy weapons. That could serve as a temporary depository until the new one could be built.

      The question I have, though, is “Is their gold still on deposit with the NY Fed, or is it already gone?”. I keep thinking about the Germans and their 1500+ tons of gold on deposit at the NY Fed, how they could not get it, and how they were given a ridiculous excuse (security issues???) for why they could not even LOOK at it. IMO, the one and only reason for that was that their gold is gone and cannot be viewed because it’s not there! If it is there, then why create this impression? Also, why drag out the repatriation of German gold for years and years. If they have it, fork it over. If not, then a VERY good explanation is due to both the German and the American people. This is why these systems need to be audited regularly and independently.

  • chuck

    It will be interesting to see how this proceeds. Remember the bankers toppled Libya and killed Gaddafi for as much.

    • Ed_B

      Yes, they did. They are good at handing this kind of stuff out, so maybe it is time to see just how well they can handle being on the receiving end of it? Something tells me that they would squeal and cry like a 3 year old.

  • Paul Prichard

    “outside the federal reserve system.”
    This might explain why Jade Helm 15 has Texas designated as one of the “hostile” states.

  • willygroper

    This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time. Cut the head off the beast.

    Is this going to be the catalyst for civil unrest w/JH15 commencing in 5 days?

    Getchur non-GMO popcorn folks.

  • Dante

    Eventually the hatchet man will pay certain people in Texas one final visit, just like “he” did in Greece and elsewhere. This visit will determine the resolve of these certain Texans. and whether they’re willing to sacrifice their very lives in order to throw off the shackles.

    • petedivine

      You’re assuming the hatchet man makes it out alive. There are people in Texas that would love nothing more then a fight.

      This isn’t a simple move to store Gold. This is a move to replace Fed notes once they hyperinflate into worthless trash with a Gold backed system. There are similar depositories setup in china, Singapore, Switzerland, etc… It looks like the Dollar will be replaced by Gold.

      • Dante

        No, I’m not assuming he makes it out alive, just that he’ll pay ’em a visit, especially when there is so much at stake. What happens from there is anyone’s guess. I could tell you what I’d like to see happen to him, which is what most others here are thinking.

        • Ed_B

          Indeed. The Apache Indians were known to have any number of techniques for retribution that could be considered in this case. 😉

  • KSKing

    Sean posted links about this when it happen several weeks ago. It is interesting. As Capriglione mentioned Texas is a very valuable state, the Oligarchy knows this. Below is a copy of a post I made about this a few weeks back at Adask’s Law;

    Pantex – every US made nuclear weapon is assembled/disassembled at the Pantex plant outside of Amarillo
    Oil Refineries – the 2 largest US oil refineries are in Texas, and they also are in the top 10 for the world
    Speaking of oil, ExxonMobile HQ is in Dallas, not to mention all the other numerous oil/gas companies based in TX, in particular drilling and related support businesses.
    Fort Hood – Killeen, largest population of US military in the world, 200+K acres, Texas has a total of 21 military bases
    Lockheed Martin- every F-16 built in Fort Worth, plus part of the F-35
    In fact from 2000-2014 $454 Billion dollars of defense contracts were awarded to 17,000+ companies in Texas;
    As Al mentioned TX has it’s own independent power grid
    Texas is the largest livestock producer in US, largest producer goats and sheep. Texas large cereal and produce grower and leads the nation in cotton production. Also has a large commercial fishing fleet.
    As of 2010 Texas GDP of $1.2 trillion, 2nd largest in the US, comparable to the GDP of Canada or India who were the 10th and 11th largest in the world.
    NASA LBJ Space Center in Houston
    Texas has a large Information Technology concentration in the Austin area
    DFW Airport – 3rd busiest in the world by aircraft movement, and 9th busiest by passenger volume
    Alliance Freight Airport – Ft Worth, worlds first 100% industrial airport
    Texas Medical Center – Houston, largest medical center in the world
    University Texas Education System – 9 campuses and 6 health/hospital institutions including UT Southwestern in Dallas, and MD Anderson in Houston – world’s #1 cancer treatment center
    Here is an interesting fact, current UT Chancellor is a former Admiral of the Navy.

    I don’t believe the globalists are going to let Texas secede and ‘slip’ away. Which certainly sheds a whole new light on JadeHelm.

    • willygroper


      IMO JH15 is behavioral data mining for their FSD AI. Therefore, don’t react.

      Some of this is Icke batshit crazy off the wall from a CTM post with Simon Parke. He made a statement that the hostile state designation given TX the JH15 exercise is because the states mentioned are the states TPTB want to KEEP. From that I concluded this country could easily be headed for Balkanization. I may be wrong, but it looks as though more than 1 governor is bowing their back to this regime.

      • KSKing

        I’m in Texas, and from Texas. But I’m not ‘worried’ about JadeHelm. Though very curious to see just what happens… many eyes will be watching. Regardless, you train like you intend to fight. And that fact alone sends up red flags about JH. So maybe JH is training to thwart a real move my Texans to secede from our utterly corrupt federal government. Though I wonder even if Texas did successfully secede if its just ‘out of the frying pan and into the fire’.

        Forgot to mention that Houston also has a huge deep water port. And the fact that the first purpose built F1 track in the US landed in Texas demonstrates it’s importance in the global market.


    “ONLY IN TEXAS”??? Not so fast Grasshoppers! Mr. Dale Olmstead has put together a
    program like Texas wants. It is PMB&V,L.L.C. in Spokane, Washington. Check with
    Rory on details (his interview). OH! Watch out for the 1099 form???

    Per. Chris Duane “If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it”! DIG A HOLE?

  • windrunner56

    To quote a dictator we all know:

    “I have two words for you…..Predator Drones” ….”I am serious”.

    This will NOT be allowed to happen, unless many other states grab their gonads and join Texas. KSKING above is right. Texas is way too important to the US Juggernaut to allow this revolutionary chess move.

    I also agree that Sean would be well served to either go on Tru News or interview Rick Wiles. I am not overly religious, but I enjoy his interviews with those guests I am familiar with. He is a real spirited man with core values. AND…..he is not so keen you (I am Canadian) have a Muslim in the White House. BTW any truth that he recently have Billions of Gold to Iran???

  • Randy

    Oh man, does that guy ever need some “continuing education” in the area of finance!! Money is an idea backed by confidence. It is NOT fiat paper currency or bogus coins or electronic bookkeeping entries that were created out of thin air via bogus “loans”.
    When he got to the question of BitCONJOB he really showed that he’s totally clueless when it comes to what money really is and is not. BitCONJOB is the absolute furthest thing away from being money that you could ever think of! Gold, silver and copper are money mainly because of how much human labor they represent, so when you trade them for whatever it is that you may need to continue living, you are trading YOUR labor to someone else via a medium of exchange for THEIR labor. Get it?
    When the so-called medium of exchange is “created” by some computer running a program, there is not sufficient human labor being involved there to make it worth anything. And then on top of all that, if your computer where you store your bits is lost by any of a thousand different ways, you are totally screwed! If your power goes off for any of a dozen or more reasons, again you are totally screwed because there’s no one who will be able to step in and replace what you have lost! Do you see this? BitCONJOB is NOT the only crypto-currency out there, there were 628 of them just recently, and each one of them is a scam!!
    Giovanni admitting that he “has some BitCONJOB” is a complete giveaway to the fact that he’s one of the last people who should ever be in charge of a gold backed banking system because the two are exact opposites.
    Prove me wrong, if you can!


    • rl

      Yep. Problem, Reaction, Solution coming to texas by a seemingly good guys who has no business playing with the big boys. Badamerica-Goodgoldbacked. Brought to you by an elected one who cant shake the myths hes completely invested in and embraces the endless jokes as if they are based in anything comprised of reality; your demise once again ensured by your betters.
      Good Luck.

  • dan


  • Mike

    Good point, if it’s computer driven I won’t touch it!

    (If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it)

  • Rob

    My only question is,Why would people want to spend Gold ,something they have to pay a premium on, to buy the same object you can get with something you are not paying a premium on ?

  • Rob

    What am I missing ?

    • Craig it's all gone

      Yes Rob, you’ve got a very good logic.. so I’ve got some $100 Trillion Dollar, LEGAL paper money notes from Zimbabwe,, and I’ll sell them to you,, for just 10 ounces of GOLD for each bank note.

      Heck,, I’d even sell them to you for just ONE ounce of gold.

      PS.. I’ve got some German Marks (Weimarks) and some USA Confederate Currency I’ll trade you,, I’ll give you millions of MARKS and tens of thousand of USA Confederate Dollars,, for just ONE ounce of gold

      Call me,, I’m ready when you are.

  • Eric

    I went to sleep at 1 am. Wake up at 9 am and all of a sudden we have ourselves one big hot topic. Did I miss something?

    hmmm, i wonder if I woke up in another dimension but the sky is still blue here. Sounds exciting but this doesn’t change the fact that most of us still live around millions of ignorant sheeple that think they are aware of what’s going on and still have no gold, no stock or supply of food, water, etc. and not nearly the amount of knowledge and wisdom that they need to understand what’s really been going on.

    Ugh, a lot of people are going to struggle with all this and get angry as it starts to affect their wallet and they begin reading chapter 2 of the book most of us here finished a long time ago.

    Gold and Silver are money. Everything else is illusion. Fake. non-existent. It isn’t just that there is no money. There is negative money because it has all been pledged as collateral for the trillions of debts that has been pledged in your name.

    All I can say is, expect more foreigners in your neighborhood. Even in Texas. California is going to the Chinese and Hispanics mostly. More obvious every day.

    Paper, Digits on a screen, your JP Morgan account, your future paycheck, your children’s lives and even what you have in your hand has been pledged as collateral in absolute villainy. This is a nice news even to wake up to, but this is far from over.

    But as Jim Sinclair has said many many times… gold is going back into the system this time!

    Gold is money. Got Gold?

    • Ed_B

      “… most of us still live around millions of ignorant sheeple that think they are aware of what’s going on and still have no gold, no stock or supply of food, water, etc. and not nearly the amount of knowledge and wisdom that they need to understand what’s really been going on.”

      Indeed we do, Eric. Who says that the walking brain-dead are a sci-fi fantasy? We are surrounded by them, as you point out. When they get hungry, which they will because they have NO plan to deal with any sort of food supply system derailment… except for pounding on our doors and demanding “their fair share” of what we have because we worked and planned for such a problem BEFORE it became a problem. Yes, we are Aesop’s hard-working ants and they are the frivolous grasshoppers. Cute story until one remembers that it is not grasshoppers who eat ants, but ants who dine on grasshoppers. 😉

      • Eric

        Yup. Except rather than pound on your door, they will first be texting you all the freaking time. (This is already happening). Then when they start to get scared, your phone will be ringing a lot more. (I see more of this already). Then, when the grocery store shelves and all the restaurants run dry, then they will be pounding on your door. This is when you want to already be at your hideout while your house is empty.

        I’m still packing.

        • lastmanstanding

          You serious…finally bugging out of So Cal!?

          • Eric

            After yesterday, I’d rather leave the planet.

            “The only logical choice is Bernie Sanders.”

            Yes, they are that dumb.

            • willygroper

              WTF, a socialist card carrying member?

              Have you been lobotomized into believing your vote is worth anything?

              • Eric

                no willy.

                Just repeating what I heard another say yesterday.

                Bernie should be locked up in the nut house.

                You vote with your money and you vote with your feet. Everyone who comes here knows this.

            • Nd60

              unfortunately… it may not be a choice…
              if this come thro…
              counting down 15yrs should all other staged performance fail to tickle…


              hence my original existential questions all must answer:
              “why did you come to earth this time?”

              and choosing the “right/wrong” god is a double edge sword business
              like the cross road
              choosing one by default deny you the rest of others
              each lead to very distinct and definite ending.
              There is no guaranteed safe passage pass death
              and not any that can be pre-booked or “name and claim” for absolute certainty
              that would be acknowledge and received by the other side.
              after all why would you want a animal body when on the other side has no physicality???

              just curious
              you seems sound on your “theory” most time i read your comments
              you are not leaving the countryclub?
              do you think fate is fixed? location is merely a self-soothing exercise?
              anyway good luck at come what may

  • jskauai

    What about silver? It is my understanding that the States can use gold and silver in payments. So something along the line of what Hugo Salinas Price has been saying about how to monetize a silver coin, could the states use silver eagles? What they would do is become a market maker by providing a bid and ask price for the silver eagles. Without going into a lot of mechanics how this could work, people could use their silver eagles deposited in their account and have debit card or check and purchase stuff based on the bid provide by the official state agency empowered to provide the quotes. Merchants in the State could also accept the physical eagles in payment based on the value quoted by the state agency. This is just a simple suggestion but I’m sure there would be many fine print rules allowing this to happen. What’s your thoughts on this Sean and board?

    • Ed_B

      My thought is that this could work. But I would like to see it modified such that the use of the term “dollars” is completely eliminated and the coins / cards are seen as so many milligrams of copper, silver, and gold. That way, things could be priced in mg of metal. We would also need a fixed ratio of gold to silver to copper, say 10 copper ozs. per silver oz. and 10 silver ozs. per gold oz. Such a ratio is close to the old 100 pennies per silver dollar and 0.77 oz. of silver in that dollar. It is also similar to the percentages of gold and silver that are mined these days.

      Coins could be made in 4 or 5 different weights (2 gm, 5 gm, 10 gm, 25 gm, and 50 gm. for more or less buying power and to ease making change. Of course, if this was all on a plastic card, then the amount of metal could be accounted for to 3-4 decimal places, so change would be eliminated. In transactions not using these cards, coins would be needed.

      We might have to go through some sort of transition period where we convert our mental processes from thinking in terms of dollars to thinking in terms of small amounts of metals but that would be doable. Like ANY change in routine, there would be a lot of complaining about it but that would pass. Maybe the trick there would be to make sure that everyone knows why these changes are necessary and for their benefit.

  • Haven’t read all the comments yet, So apologize if this was brought up — BUT, what precautions are being taken to keep the Khazarian Mafia’s sticky fingers out of this???? I wouldn’t give any of my assets to anyone until I was guaranteed that the Khazarians were locked in some dungeon somewhere.

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