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Michael Savage on Bohemian Grove

from Mark Dice:

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2 comments to Michael Savage on Bohemian Grove

  • 4tealor

    1 “alternative” video producer did an intra-Racial inter-Face of this “hare apparent” just prior to the O`12 Corporate sElection.

    The graphic deracinated inter-face of the unhealthy workin` fur Binkylon now addressed the pandering to the [R] candidate speech being spiritual and the[ D] after all Usurper “is the Prez.” of chuckle$ respectful Con*tract.

    Of course the alternative did as the Controlled dodo and pulled the video prior to the next time the alternative wanted to interview/Interpret the sister medium “He” said “He” doesn’t listen to.

    All this stark raving mad anti-comrade xPatriot $EMITE/Bolshevik Act/actor$ dirge would be truly amazing if thez weren’t {D}eRacinated !

    Muss be nice naw to bee Con*SELF*sevA*ism !

    With stark raving mad anti-comrade xPatriot Conservative $EMITE/Bolshevik Act/actor$ like this who needs a L/R Wiberal talk show “austerity dirge .”

  • The Truth

    Sean, your site keeps asking for a Captcha code for the first article. I think they are doing this to price to not only break those with the metals, but to also dry up supply. After all, when things get more ugly and they decide to let the public in on the info, then they will have the bulk of metals to sell them at a higher price. Those with money are buying everything from land to paintings to even 100million dollar apartments in NY. They are stealing everything that is not nailed down. The lie is up so, it is if we suffer(ala Greece), everything and everyone will also. Sad things is, they are not suffering, they are just greedy!

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