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Mapping Military Madness: 2015 Update

from Washington’s Blog:

Once again this year, the clear winner, in not just women’s soccer and incarceration, but also in militarism, is the United States of America, sweeping nearly every category of military insanity with seemingly effortless ease. Find all of last year’s and this year’s maps here:

In the area of money spent on militarism, there was really no competition.

Troops in Afghanistan have declined, but there remains no question which nation still has the most There are more major wars in the world now than a year ago, but only one nation is involved in some significant way in all of them.

When it comes to weapons sales to the rest of the world, the United States really shines. The other nations should probably be competing in a different league.

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  • Smiteproductions

    President Obama has been a boon for weapons manufacturers. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that more weapons have been sold here in the US since he took office than during the Bush Jr. years. All they have to do is run a bunch of fear-mionger stories about how he’s coming after people’s guns ( here’s a hint, he isn’t), and people run out and buy up as much as they can. The manufacturers are doing very well for themselves as a result.

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