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Leaked: New F-35 Fighter Jet Beaten by F-16 from 1970s

from RT:

Decades in the making, already the most expensive military project in history – and still US F-35 figher jet isn’t ready. Some are now pointing to signs that the plane’s appeal is wearing off, despite the efforts of its manufacturer.

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1 comment to Leaked: New F-35 Fighter Jet Beaten by F-16 from 1970s

  • f16hoser

    In the fog of war, any new generation fighter still needs dog-fighting capabilities. With that said, you still need a Live pilot with skills and knowledge of not only his jet but that of his opponents. These beliefs are diminishing because of Big Money and corporations influencing our military leaders. Having flown F-16’s I can tell with no hesitation, you can project far more Fire Power with 3 squadrons of Vipers than you can with 1 squadron of F-22’s or F-35’s. The logistics alone will cost far less over time.

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