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  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    I really enjoy the insights of Jim Willie. It helps to keep my focused on how things may unfold.
    There are a number of competing elites and things are like a complex tapestry, so it’s never really sure exactly how or when things will happen,, but I am sure many big, bad things WILL be happening.

    Stack your asses off. Get your Amish On. Fill the pantry. Top-up all your supplies.
    Expand into things that need expanding, or get those things you’ve been neglecting to get.

    Some solar panels, batteries, etc can help to save some families. (run the well, circulate air, lights, electric fence charger, recharge the electric bikes or cars, a/c, small heater, chest freezer, etc)

    I’m half way thru UPDATING, repairing-replacing things in my car AND purchasing a few, CRITICAL important parts for future use.
    Radiator, starter, master cylinder, hoses, belts, fluids, filters, tires, brake parts, brake lines, wheel cylinders, rotors, calipers, U-joints, CV shafts, struts, power steering pump, starter relay, ignition-key tumbler replacement, etc.

    I can have an updated car,, or all the spare parts to keep it running (for as long as the engine-trans are OK).. for several years without having to rely on the shops remaining open.

    I was watching that short Video about Venezuela’s shops being EMPTY,,and it helped to SCARE me into action even MORE. Even if I have to CHARGE some car parts on the credit card,,,it may be a life saver (or car saver) in the future.
    Garden supplies- OK. Pantry-OK. Fish meds-OK, Lead/brass/powder-OK. Well water-OK. Extra BBQ propane tanks filled-OK. Etc etc.

    I even got myself an electric fence charger and all the supplies to add a couple lines of electric wires to my fence. Plan on getting me some barbed wire rolls too.
    Might even pick up a few rolls of Razor wire. Not sure how I’d put it to use, but it wicked stuff.

    A wireless Driveway sensor-beeper might be the better things to get, along with a few solar powered motion sensor flood lights. And a $400 night vision scope will be nice.

  • oneno

    Purchasing power of currency cut in half as Au doubles it’s purchasing power. NICE!

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