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Jim Comiskey Metals

from Jim Comiskey:

Help us spread the ANTIDOTE to corporate propaganda.

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4 comments to Jim Comiskey Metals

  • Eric

    China comes out and states publicly that they have 57% more gold than they did the last time they announced official reserves 6 years ago. And the evidence of chinese selling is WHERE???? Some douchbag on CNBC said so? Freaking Retarded!

    Stack on! Opt OUT of the soon to be extinct Federal Reserve System.

  • gary h

    haven’t the slightest clue,idea,or nary an inkling as to why you put this fellas pointless,dull,jumbled,rather dreary,metals videos up..
    perhaps i’m missing something?

  • Eric

    I actually like listening to Jim Comiskey. You don’t have to listen if you don’t want to gary. It’s called free will.

    One of these days I may even call him just to chat for a few since he invites us to do so. It would be nice to talk to someone who understands what is happening rather than the same ignorant idiots I have to talk to on a regular basis.

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