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“It’s Not Possible To Reach A Deal Today” – EU Summit Canceled As Leaders Scramble To Keep The Dr€am Alive

1. Today’s Absolutely Final deadline is no longer final.

from Zero Hedge:

…It is now clear that Tsipras’ capitulation was all for nothing.

Even erstwhile Greek supporters Italy were dour: “We continue to work to establish the conditions to start negotiations, which is the real target – it’s not about closing a deal, it’s about starting negotiations,” Italian Finance Minister Pier Carlo Padoan tells reporters in Brussels. “We think that there are conditions to do that but let’s face it, the main obstacle to moving forward is lack of trust.

Italy’s conclusion of what is needed: “I would like to see the Greek government to take concrete actions tomorrow in parliament to implement measures that are needed for Greece in the first place and then to rebuild trust and therefore allow concrete negotiations to move forward. We have lost so much time, we cannot afford to lose more time anymore. We’re talking about a very complicated program. ESM is complicated, it deals with structural reforms across the board, it deals with financing.”

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