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ISIS Terror Will Destroy 2nd Amendment

by Kurt Nimmo, Infowars:

Raf Sanchez, writing for The Telegraph, suggests ISIS terror in the United States will be a victory for the anti-gun lobby. He believes the debate will not change until the Second Amendment is destroyed by the national security state.

“One possibility is that guns become a regular tool for Isil-inspired terrorists, moving the argument away from America’s sacrosanct ‘right to bear arms’ and towards a more urgent discussion about national security,” writes Sanchez.

An ISIS attack on the scale of Newtown “carried out by a self-proclaimed jihadist instead of a disturbed young white man” would flip consensus in Washington and lead to draconian antigun legislation.

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4 comments to ISIS Terror Will Destroy 2nd Amendment

  • f16hoser

    Actually, ISIS (CIA) and the 2nd Amendment are a “Match made in Heaven.”

  • Dante

    TPTB will continue to play ALL the cards to cover all the bases. And why not? Whether it’s the Muslim boogieman or the white boogieman, TPTB have both right and left cover from their fake media operatives, those who will perpetuate the false left/right paradigm, the result always being more draconian laws.

    All that’s missing right now is the black boogieman, but that card will also be played in due time by exploiting incidents of black on black inner city violence. But this will only happen when society is frightened, desperate, and softened up enough to accept a “solution” without concerning themselves with being politically incorrect. At this point, that would be inconceivable. After all, everyone knows black on black violence doesn’t exist, right? How fast that will change when the signal is given to take it to the next level.

  • f16hoser

    Dick Act of 1902 makes the 2nd Amendment etched in stone! Here to stay I say!

    • Ed_B

      Unfortunately, Hoser, we have WAY too many “dicks” in DC already, so looking to another one for relief may be a substantial problem.

      Yes, these SOBs can pass all the draconian laws they want but those of us who believe in the US Constitution won’t be following where these constitutional illiterates are attempting to lead us. The founding fathers would have these SOBs arrested, tried for treason, convicted, and hanged. That would serve as a warning to other would-be dictators not to f**k with the US Constitution. It is time for the tree of liberty to be refreshed…

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