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Is Tsipras an Idiot or a Fool?

from Armstrong Economics:

The left-wing Syriza Party of Greece is starting to question what Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is up to. Merkel is demanding austerity FIRST before any loans. Additional murmurings behind the curtain claim that Merkel wants a list of all assets owned by Greece. If Merkel thinks that she can seize Greek assets upon a default, she is risking the total collapse of Euroland in short order.

The entire world is now against Merkel and her drive for austerity. There is no possible way she will prevail in Europe for her policies have no endgame. All she is doing is trying to support the bondholders at the expense if the public.

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11 comments to Is Tsipras an Idiot or a Fool?

  • f16hoser

    He’s both and you can add Pussy to the list. Greeks voted in their own destruction. Weird…

  • dan

    Seems to me he and his party were set upon the citizens of Greece to be able to hand over the country to the Banksters…just seems that way….imho

  • AK

    Tsipras is a man who was told in no uncertain terms that he would not be alive to see a Greek default. I am sure he was also paid a few million dollars to turn on his own people.

  • Dante

    How about paid off or frightened for his life. Or both. The sheepish and guilty look on his face when Farage gave that great speech last week said it all. I knew then and there Tsipras had already cut a deal.

    • AK

      Exactly – the body language from Tsipras during Nigel Farage’s speech pretty much said it all. He no longer had the look of defiance on his face – you could tell he had already sold out to the banksters.

      • Dante

        And the title question of this article is far too forgiving of Tsipras. He didn’t cut a deal because he’s an idiot OR a fool. I know Armstrong isn’t REALLY this naive, but does he think we are?

        A similar comparison would be asking if Obama’s policies makes him an idiot or a fool. Or those of Bush before him. There’s plenty of people who actually cut both of these assholes that kind of slack instead of calling them what they really are: psychopaths, sociopaths, and criminals.

  • Sam

    Somebody upped the ante of the no less than what is a financial coup of Greece with “an offer you can’t refuse” …

  • dutch

    Last week there were rumors he was being treated for panic attacks in greece, he could be medicated too.
    But they voluntarily are in this, Syriza has always said they insist on staying in the euro and the EU. So they have no negotiating position. They only weakened greece even more so the eventual cost they have to pay will be even bigger.

  • James Woroble Jr

    He is neither. This is not an issue of intellectual capacity. It is a matter of character. What this treasonous POS is now, is VERY, VERY, WEALTHY!

  • glitter 1

    “Is Tsipras an Idiot or a Fool?”

    Tsipras is a Liberal/Socialist/Communist,which is to say he is a deceiver,a liar,a thief,a criminal in every sense of the word.The Greek people deserve him,they put him in office/power.That may sound a bit cruel/harsh,but No Socialist/Communist Utopian Economy has ever survived for good reason(s).Look at the US since we’ve gone full Socialist,our day in the bankruptcy toilet is coming,and deservedly so.

  • chuck

    Tsipras is after all a politician that sought power in government. The lowliest profession and the most repugnant institution. Who is surprised? When will we humans learn not to trust either one?

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