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Is Donald Trump in Mortal Danger? Dave Hodges Thinks So.

from NorthWestLibertyNews:

Daves Hodges (The Common Sense Show) joins James White (The Liberty Brothers Radio Show) to discuss former assassinations of men who challenged the establishment.

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2 comments to Is Donald Trump in Mortal Danger? Dave Hodges Thinks So.

  • Ed_B

    Whether or not Donald Trump is in danger is of less importance than that someone IS challenging the establishment. Trump would not be my choice as president but he is raising a lot of issues for national discussion that SHOULD be raised but which are being studiously ignored by career politicians. If he does nothing else, he has still rendered a considerable service to the country.

  • windrunner56

    Internet was a baby when Ross Perot echoed the “giant sucking sound” with regard to free trade. Today if you fart it is on you tube. Everything is in the cloud now. Trump is waaaaaaaaaay too high profile to be taken out. Enuf of the public is now aware of what is really transpiring in the two party system and the Global Elites, it would NOT serve TPTB to take a chance on taking him out.

    I am not convinced however that Trump will make it to the election as a candidate. For some odd reason I believe he will bow out, he wants to make everyone aware that Amerika is screwed to awaken the remaining masses. He is a businessman, NOT a politician. I do believe he is sincere in getting Amerika back in business, and bring the manufacturing back.

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