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Greek Debt Deal a Financial Coup – Rob Kirby

from USA Watchdog:

Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby thinks that everybody should take notice of what is happening with the Greek debt crisis drama.

Kirby contends, “What has occurred in Greece, make no mistake, it is a financial coup. It is not a bailout. It’s a takeover by force. The leader of Greece has obviously been told, and effectively has a gun to his head, the way it’s going to be. The Greek people voted for what they want, and we know what the Greek people’s wishes are, and they don’t want more austerity. They want to divorce themselves from the IMF and the European Central Bank (ECB). We know that clear as day, but that is not acceptable to the global elitists and the globalist bankers. They have said we don’t really care what you think. It’s going to be the way we say. The rest of Europe should sit up and take note of this because there are other countries whose finances are also not in good shape, namely, Portugal, Spain, France and Italy. . . . If global bankers are allowed to get away with this, then this is what you can expect in your country real soon.”

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