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Greece End Game & China dumps half trillion in treasuries

from Paul Sandhu:

The Greek drama that has been staged over the past several years has been done with the end goal of setting up a European government.
French President Francois Hollande called on Sunday for the creation of a euro zone government and for citizens to renew their faith in the European project, which has been weakened by the Greek crisis.

Reviving an idea originally put forward by former European Commission chief Jacques Delors, Hollande proposed “a government of the euro zone (with) a specific budget as well as a parliament to ensure its democratic control”

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1 comment to Greece End Game & China dumps half trillion in treasuries

  • Jerry

    More ALT media mistakes. China DID NOT dump a half of a trillion ($500 billion) in Treasuries in the past 5 quarters. Paul Sandhu and others are misunderstanding what the ZeroHedge article is correctly saying. It is China’s amount of FX reserves that has declined by $520 billion in the past 5 quarters, not just Treasuries. China’s amount of Treasuries, if you include Belgium’s, declined by only $180 billion in the past 5 quarters. Please also know that other countries beside China could also be purchasing and selling Treasuries through Belgium. However ZeroHedge does make a good case that most of Belgium’s Treasuries are probably China’s.

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