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Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts – Hidden Dragon, Crouching Dollar

from Jesse’s Café Américain:

China made its long awaited restatement of its official gold reserves, and it was widely received as a ‘lowball number.’ China was under some pressure from official central bankdom to update its numbers, the last time being in 2009. And since they are trying to play nice, and have their yuan including in the SDR basket of currencies, they had to say something. I am not sure how to take it except with some serious skepticism.

I include two new charts below that compare the performance of gold against the euro/dollar cross and the inverse of the dollar DX index. Clearly at this point gold is running inversely against the strong dollar and with the weaker euro.

This situation in the markets has ‘extreme’ and ‘fragile’ written all over it. I am not quite sure if we are at the 2007 level yet, but we are closer to that than we are to any sustainable economic recovery by a long shot.

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2 comments to Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts – Hidden Dragon, Crouching Dollar

  • Nd60

    BooHoo my team lost a bloody… well… all in the first 30 min and its petrified dead. the rest is just unbearable to watch, for me, that is and m sure the other side loved every minutes of it… so its ur lucky day since i free up myself to share w u a shorten long story… has to wait for the market to close and the expert writers spill their private thoughts across the pages… should u proceed from this word this line hands on ur private parts u totally agree this long short story is pen of a pussy chicken shit and folded loser… all fiction fantasy & nothing is real everything is fixed destiny crap… alas here it is… Hidden Dragon, Crouching Dollar or smth like that.
    SO? PBNOBODYC apparently finally climb out of their shell and put on a new number and everyone caught sight of the lipsticks and … well apparently they say its fake and unamusing…
    but then it was the production of gtranslator, a notorious machine of profit oriented system, so its the lipstick the color or the color of the lipstick that marks the number? well, if Sherlock is here, guess he would have licked on the obvious link on ZeoH and trace back to the original by the PBNOBODYC, allegedly… and Sherlock will find, with his exquisite skills few funny points here and there… all for entertainment…
    1)there are 5 countries mentioned by name in the lipstick, which the g.translator pick out. why these 5? who are they? blah blah blah… smth gold… blah…
    2)at point 5 or and last line or there is a funny bit in there that would jump out and strike the eye, for one who verse in that language, of which g.tran had other version of reality perception… if u go back to the 0H g.t version and sniff and then pick out this the 7th and 8th word its quite clear it seems like a open war declaration… obviously u should whack that 2 word in to ur preferred translator and find out what its means, to yours truly… on and on blah blah blah … who does PBNOBODYC want to share this with? in a public open letter? and obviously to know in the original writings on the wall, to any who is not full of themselves, chewing the original piece is far richer and deeper in significant and culture meaning… its so totally same as none has read the bible nor the believe in god they read the TRANSLATION OF THE BIBLE AND THEIR BELIEF ARE ABSOLUTE IN THE TRANSLATOR OF THE BIBLE (not god but the god that the translator apparently has deemed right and correct) yet has any of the translator read, or have access to the original manuscript when they take on such high responsibilities of helping humanity transcend to heaven? or they simply reference those other translators and publish their version filtered by their preferred ways of expressions and choice of words as restricted and filtered by their ego and limited knowledge? this is the sure bet pathway to heaven? but then there MOR MOR MOR…such is the blasphemy and shame… we are still here… aint the real thang u know they say… its saying a different thang… ooooo so what now now what?
    3)for some unknown reason the g.tran appear to have died at point 6 while the original PBNOBODYC has 12th point all outlining the strategy to internationalize RMB, types of trade and risk control metrics, kind off and the first part talks about gold. why? Sherlock finds the 2nd missing part more important than the first published part. and join them together like one piece… could it be? nooooooo? yes? how? well, you can do ur homework should u wish to know and learn. just a few nonesense bits and bugs here if it were to be BACKED by. point mention about being 2nd world used currency in trade in short few years and something fishy it say of the external foreign debt they are dedominated in foreign currency while the country is safe using domestic currency since it does not alter any trades not in that currency (?implying if/when that foreign currency goes?remove?replace?no longer?). there is a table that shows whos who external foreign debt and domestic debt and PBNOBODYC thinks they are can control the short term risk. 2 country, by name, was example on the 2nd part which the section of fiat currency while the 1st part of 5 country talks about gold… interesting but well… beauty is in the eye of beholder and meaning in formed and chosen by the read of the mind. HA just made that up intelligent me!
    shortly after the number of the lipstick was exposed the chart well… do its thang… time or time which is it? whos finger whos hand? anyhow mummy said u should not trust a stranger so u shld listen to her… mommy loves u more than strangers right?
    came what may and for god sake, learn at least this, if you be a modern learned man, be careful w trust in translation and trust in the translator as the thin red line can manipulate truth to look like lie and lies as truth. is not all agencies mold themselves as the translator of what they deem reality and good for you? LEARN! its about who controls the right to prescribe meaning/definition/blah be it for a word, a sentence, a story, a policy, a law, a universal truth. end of not-so-nice story.good luck.

    • Nd60

      2)at point 5 or 五 and last line 我们从长期和战略的角度出发,根据需要,动态调整国际储备组合配置,保障国际储备资产的安全、流动和保值增值。

      the 7th and 8th word 战略

      machine not working?? HA HA 😀

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