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Fukushima Killing Pacific Ocean, WAKE UP!

from BeautifulGirlByDana:

This is a important update the melted reactors at Fukushima are devastating the Pacific Ocean Sea Food Marine Life Birds Whales Mammals .
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2 comments to Fukushima Killing Pacific Ocean, WAKE UP!

  • Paul T

    Wake up to what? I know it’s happening. But it’s out of my control. What am I supposed to do? Worry about it? All I can do is what is inside of my control and that’s all we can do as individuals.

    • JohnyComeLately

      You are right PaulT. But not everyone is “awake” to the fact that Fukushima is killing the Pacific. Just watch people buy the fish and canned tuna at your local grocery store.

      When you are aware of the problem you can stop buying Pacific fish. That’s about all we can do for now. Hopefully we will invent a way to decontaminate or neutralize the radioactive waste in the future.

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