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Florida Man Ordered by City to Keep BBQ Smell From Leaving His Property

[Ed. Note: So how would YOU react when some slob from the goobermint shows up at your property with baggy jeans, a checkery-pattern-kind-of-shirt he apparently just threw on after getting roused from his nap, and an “official-looking” folder telling you that you can only grill out when wind patterns cause the odors to stay in your own yard? This is beyond the pale for a “free” society]

by Mikael Thalen, InfoWars:

A Florida man was confronted by a county environmental specialist this week and absurdly ordered to keep the smell of his BBQ from leaving his property. Video of the incident, originally posted to Facebook Wednesday by homeowner Scotty Jordan, shows Pinellas County Environmental Specialist Joe Graham discussing the alleged infraction with Jordan and friends after a nearby neighbor alerted the county.

“I’m only here because of the odor,” Graham says. “I’m only here because of the smoke.”

During the conversation, Graham asserts that the men are in violation of a local “rule” that bans the smell of BBQ from crossing over one’s property line.

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3 comments to Florida Man Ordered by City to Keep BBQ Smell From Leaving His Property

  • Billy

    Florida – enough said.

  • Howard Roark

    “enough said?” Obviously you didn’t read the entire article…

    ..”The local ordinance, similar to countless others across the country, falls in line with a longstanding effort from the Environmental Protection Agency”

  • Dante

    Florida or anywhere else in Moronika, this sort of absurdity is being dictated by DC, and it WILL increase in frequency as the feds coerce the states into ratcheting down the environmental control grid.

    Don’t be surprised if passing gas in public eventually becomes a crime, probably under the guise of some sort of methane violation. Seriously.

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