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First Lady to Indian Youth: We’re Finally Embracing ‘Wisdom of Your Ancestors’ on Climate Change

by Penny Starr, CNS News:

First Lady Michelle Obama said on Thursday at a tribal youth gathering at the White House that the United States is “finally” embracing the wisdom of Native Americans on conservation and climate change, and claimed that America’s founders modeled the U.S. government partly on the “Iroquois Confederacy.”

“Today, on issues like conservation and climate change, we are finally beginning to embrace the wisdom of your ancestors,” Mrs. Obama said at the event where youth from 230 tribes from 42 states participated. “Now, long before the United States was even an idea, your ancestors were harvesting the crops that would feed the world for centuries to come,” Obama said. “And places like Seattle and Michigan and natural wonders like Niagara Falls and Yosemite can only be named using your Native languages. Your artwork has inspired generations of artists,” Obama said. “Your healing techniques have spurred great medical advances and saved countless lives.”

“One of your early democratic institutions –- the Iroquois Confederacy -– served as a model for the United States government,” Obama said.

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4 comments to First Lady to Indian Youth: We’re Finally Embracing ‘Wisdom of Your Ancestors’ on Climate Change

  • tomche

    Michael, er, “Michelle Obama”…just look at those shoulders…female huh? Um, yea..right.
    So Barry gets his nut from a cross-dressing she man.
    There should be no doubt, for anyone that cares to look, that our beautiful earth and its people are being destroyed, degraded, de-moralized, reduced to animals fighting for survival.
    A far cry from the aspirations of Soccrates, his gifted student Plato and all the brilliant scholars that in ealrier times, helped guide us and shape our future.
    My how we have fallen…from the likes of our founding fathers and true leaders like Lincoln, MLK, Eisenhower and Kennedy…to Bush and Barry Sotero. What a disgrace.
    Turn off the TV. Aspire to something greater than yourself and seek truth in all things. Love and laugh. Share both with all…

  • C.i.

    I Am Australian.

    I Know A Put Up Job When I See One.

    This Is………a verbal orchestrated Scam.

    Only Locals Could Guess Why


  • Mike F.

    The magical, transgender Wookie speaks with forked tongue!!!

  • Dante

    With a little more weight training, I hope to one day look just like “her”. Thanks so much for the inspiration, Michael!

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