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Extortion 17 Cover Up: Feds Engaged in Black Magic with Black Box

by Tim Brown, Freedom Outpost:

In a scandal bigger than Benghazi, in which 30 Americans lost their lives, including 17 Navy SEALs from SEAL Team Six, the shoot-down of Extortion 17 continues to be masked by cover up. One of the most bizarre indications that a cover up is going on concerning Extortion 17 is the helicopter’s missing black box recorder.

As I have sought, along with others, to revive this story following the release of Don Brown’s book Call Sign Extortion 17: The Shoot-Down of Seal Team Six so that the families of those killed and the American people might get answers to the truth of what happened to that mission, it seems I find more and more people who have never even heard of Extortion 17. Yet, they are more than aware of the media stories about the alleged killing of Osama bin Laden, whose death is attributed to the SEALs of SEAL Team Six.

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2 comments to Extortion 17 Cover Up: Feds Engaged in Black Magic with Black Box

  • f16hoser

    WOW! Navy Seals betrayed by their own government. I would rather wrestle a 20 foot crocodile than face a pissed-off Seal. Good job Washington.

  • One of my biggest struggles as an unenlightened, moronic, biggoted Christian is laid out in the book of James, chpt 1 vs. 20. “for the anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God.” This issue makes my blood boil and frankly, and justly, some bodies should swing on the White House cherry tree for this despicable and unspeakable treason. Those culpable will assuredly walk…..for now. Unfortunately though, for them, God is not mocked. God bless you Charlie and all of you fighting for justice and truth.

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